Friday, 1 November 2013

Day 17

Fortunately the comms mast at Balladonia has enabled Mark to share more of the journey on day 17 of the run across Australia.

One of the early morning pictures: "Looking back at this very appropriate graffiti. #eyrehighway"  

Good to hear Jason has incentives! "There's a bacon wrap waiting for me in the RV ahead at the 13.5 mile point. #eyrehighway"

"5 days of undulating straight roads hopefully come to an end tomorrow."

"There's a new enemy in town. His name is Horse Fly. Probably named because he's the size of a horse!"

"Time for a #tacticalsnooze. 20 fly infested miles done."

"I'm 15 miles away from the longest straight section of road on the planet. #eyrehighway"

The Eyre Highway

The Eyre Highway is a Highway linking Western Australia and South Australia via the Nullabor Plain.  It starts at Norseman and ends in Port Augusta. 

It was named after Edward John Eyre who was the first to cross the Nullabor by land in 1841.  Edward John Eyre described the Plain as a "hideous anomaly, a blot on the face of Nature, the sort of place one gets into in bad dreams".  The story of his travels involved eating kangaroos and a penguin!

"Stopping running at 1200 GMT today in an attempt to catch up on sleep. 2.5 hours to go."

"They should have a warning sign for flies! #eyrehighway #balladonia"

"The jungle to my right is scary at night"

"New shorts please #oldtyre"

"Finished on 30 miles for the day. Time to eat, shower and sleep. Lights out at 2100 local time."

Sharing a little more of the journey: "Since it's lunchtime in the UK, here is a picture of my damaged right foot."

"@JasonStobbs #stobbsy at work"

Thank you for all of the donations made today.  Mark and the charities are extremely grateful.  Anyone wishing to make a donation please click here.

The final thank you for the day goes out to all of Mark's sponsors.  Without their support there would be no run or funds raised.