Monday 18 November 2013

Day 34

"HELLO WORLD! Best nights sleep in a long while. Managed to eat steak in #nundroo last night. No shower. Can't have everything."

"Day 34 - A misty start"

"Day 33 - A pole from the old telegraph system."

@carlton46: "Got a bit of a bite yesterday. But what did i expect after using the last of  @rungeordierun 's showering water to clean the dishes."

"It's true @carltonf46 chose to wash dishes using the water I could have had a shower with. I forgive him though. :)"

"@carltonf46 has continued the sterling work of @JasonStobbs on the support team. Top banter also helps."

"Just caught up with donations on Thanks so much to everyone who donated and left a message."

@Carlton46 - "Really tough day today for @rungeordierun. 40c, flies everywhere, fasands of em. And as a "treat" for @rungeordierun, i put the air-con on whilst stationery. So we became VERY stationary. Thank goodness for AAA. sorted now."

@Carlton46 - "This is Lego @rungeordierun having the same problem with flies..."

"Tough day. High temp of 38c. Most flies I've seen in 34 days. RV breakdown. Exhausted now."

"Weather forecast for tomorrow is 37c. It's going to be another very tough day."

"Day 33 - The lady on the right is from #wallsend #nundroo" 

"Day 33 - I've just ran past this sign. #eyrehighway #nundroo #nullarbor"

"Day 33 - A windmill near #nundroo #eyrehighway #nullarbor #rgrdownunder"

"Day 33. 3 miles west of #nundroo. #wheat A most unusual sight."

"Get in! Just found a shower in #Penong. It's much needed after running over 100km without one."

"Best thing I've seen all day! #shower #penong #eyrehighway"

"The next tweet shows how a day can change so quickly. A positive quick start was later to turn into a tough day." (recording)

"Bit disappointed by the fact I now consistently get the morning sessions nailed but, more often than not, struggle in the afternoons."

"19 - 20 miles by lunchtime is now standard. Gotta raise my game in the afternoon and start taking a few more risks."

"The lady I just spoke to in #Penong says that it'll be high winds not high temperatures tomorrow. I'll take that. Hard work but no flies."

"28c and it's dark. The RV is like an oven. This is going to be a tricky nights sleep."

"#sunset in #penong #eyrehighway #nullarbor"

"Not sure how I'm going to get to sleep in this heat. At least the mozzies are keeping me company."

"This is the latest I've been awake for quite some time (22:12). It's too hot to sleep and I'm killing mozzies. Day 35 tomorrow. 1/2 way."

"The wind is gusting outside and the temperature has dropped nicely. Time to get some sleep. Up in 2 hours."

Here's a picture from Mark on Day 6 with a product kindly supplied by Natural Hero.  

Their products have been produced to deliver effective sports recovery with 98% natural ingredients.  As you will see on their website there are 3 key products available depending on your requirements.  The Natural Hero team think Mark is inspiring with what he is doing and want to help to raise more money for the two charities.  They would like to offer Mark's blog readers 10% off at the checkout and they will also donate £1 for every product sold.  Please use the promo code RGR10.