Sunday, 3 November 2013

Day 19 - Brief Update

Unfortunately Mark is still without mobile phone signal so there are very few updates for day 19.

As if conditions haven't been tough enough with the constant heat, research identifies that the Nullabor stretch is also renowned for strong winds. Another battle that Mark has been faced with which makes the days more challenging.  The weather forecast for the next few days suggests a chance of thunderstorms and a relative humidity of at least 80 - 90%.  

Travelling further East presents earlier sunrises.  The initial hopes were that Mark could start his days earlier however this has proven to be more tiring and the RV is too humid to get a good sleep during the day.  By approx. 8am this morning Mark had achieved 5 miles.  The plan has been to send the RV ten miles ahead.  The downside to this that on a straight road the RV is clearly visible at 5 miles which has been quite demotivating.  

By approx. 2pm Mark had completed 22 miles.  The report was "very windy on this insane straight road".  Being out on the road alone for anything up to 15 hours a day requires a great deal of focus and amusement.  Today Mark has been listening to a podcast by Andy Fury and Steffen Peddie which has brought hilarity to a long day.  As well as the comedy aspect of this, the sound of North East accents certainly adds that little bit extra and is like having friends on the road with him.  It should also be noted that by means of staying entertained, Mark has been videoing himself singing along to the tunes on his iPod. Now this would be amusing.  Perhaps the persuasion of publication in return for a certain milestone on the charity fund could be on the cards? Watch this space!

Mark ended day 19 on 35.5 miles.  Having to run in the dark hasn't been the most productive time of the day and feeling a little sore Mark decided to call it a day in favour for a shower and a massage.  Due to the limited facilities, and availability of water, the shower is somewhat a luxury at this stage of the run.  

@carltonf46: Lego @rungeordierun gets a much needed leg treatment from lego @jasonstobbs.

Aside from these daily obstacles, Mark's spirits have remained high.  It certainly sounds as though Jason is keeping him amused with the temptation of bacon sandwiches and little paper notes of encouragement to go with them.  Passing cars have continued to stop Mark and offer a lift.  As tempting as it may be on a tough day Mark has been utilising the opportunity to handout a leaflet and spread word of the run across Australia.

It was great to see that as day 19 was underway another fundraising milestone was achieved with the £19,000 barrier being broken.  The fund now stands at £19,066 which is brilliant.  Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, this means so much to Mark and the two charities.  If you would like to sponsor and help Mark to reach his target of £50,000 then please click here.

Looking at the statistics, up to and including day 19, Mark has averaged at 34.7 miles per day.  To get to Sydney within 70 days  Mark will need to run on average 38 miles per day for the next 51 days.  This does not allow any rest days.

#rgrart has been a little quiet due to half term but we have an entry by Maja Lowes, from Gosforth, who is hopeful that Mark will only encounter a cute baby kangaroo.  Fingers crossed!