Sunday, 10 November 2013

Day 26

07:30 Mark is 4 miles into day 26. He's still in a lot of pain with his foot but is determined to reach Eucla today - 41 miles away #rgrdownunder

08:45 - "Morning! Just found out the @jasonstobbs flip flops were œ17!! #stobbsytales"

"In other news, 10 painful miles done. Just had 2nd breakfast. Painkillers taken."

"@jasonstobbs sucked his thumb until his teens and it's damaged. #stobbsytales"

"Think I'll be in range of #eucla comms mast soon."

"Over that hill is another long and straight road. #eyrehighway #nullarbor #rgrdownunder"

"Day 26 - Mile 11 - I'm expecting a good view over the horizon. #eyrehighway #mundrabilla #nullarbor"

"The cliffs to me left give me a feeling of progress. #eyrehighway #mundrabilla #nullarbor #rgrdownunder"

"Painkillers have kicked in. Can't feel a thing in my feet. This is bliss. Going to have to take 4 lots today to get to #eucla."

"Time to raise my game with the #roadtrain drivers. #fistpumps and #salutes for starters."

"Deep in thought today about what I'm going to tell @GaryandLisaReal on Monday's show and how I'm going to say it. It's going to be tough."

"Good progress today thanks to #painkillers. 40km to #eucla #nullarbor #eyrehighway"

11:15 - "15 miles done. Just ducked into the RV. Waiting for a shower to pass over. Not risking getting my feet wet. Don't want more problems."

"Shower passed over. Back out to it."

"Managed to catch up with messages on during the last break. Thanks everyone for charity cash and kind messages."

"Day 26 - Here comes the rain again."

"21 miles done. Painkillers wore off during the last mile. Horrible pain. Just taken more. Back on the road on the way to #Eucla."

"Protection from the sun and wind. #nullarbor"

"Road trains always give me plenty of room when safe to do so. #roadtrain #nullarbor #eyrehighway"

"I can see a strange land mass in the distance. Coastline perhaps? #eucla #eyrehighway #nullarbor"

"Day 26 - 891 miles done so far. Will break through 900 miles near #eucla #eyrehighway #nullarbor" 

"Getting slightly closer to strange coloured land mass. It's still a long way away"

".. and Mysterious Girl plays on #now57 on the iPod. Could this afternoon BE any better!"

"The land mass in the distance is starting to look like chalky cliffs. These are the same eyes that saw a monkey in dungarees 2 weeks ago."

"It has been very windy this afternoon. That means I haven't seem a single one of Australia's foot soldiers (flies)."

"Meanwhile, in #stobbsytales, #japanesealan told me that @jasonstobbs oriental tattoo translates to "I love Lottie". #true #honest"

"I've been talking to #japanesealan via Facebook today who is still injured and resting in #mundrabilla. He hits the road again tomorrow."

16:35 - "898 miles done so far. (30 today) - day 26"

"Stopping for food at mile 899. Running into the #nullarbor wind is so energy sapping. #eucla is 4.3 miles away."

"Forgot to offer @jasonstobbs one of my M&Ms. He's giving me the evils. #stobbsytales"

"Food break over. Time to smash the 900 mile barrier. #rgrdownunder with @drivebenfield"

"Day 26 - 1725 local time - #eucla #eyrehighway - 900 miles of #rgrdownunder with drivebenfield completed. "

"Please donate to @tcfcharity @sbrfoundation Please please please."

"@JasonStobbs is off to #Eucla for a feast to celebrate 900 miles done. He must be hungry poor lad. #stobbsytales"

"I thought that looked chalky. The blue dot is my current position. #eucla #rgrdownunder #eyrehighway"

"I can see the sea. I can see the sea. I can see the see to my right. I can see the sea!!!"

"Sunset at #eucla @australia #eyrehighway #nullarbor"

"Re: earlier #stobbsytales tattoo tweet. @JasonStobbs girlfriend has just text him asking "Who's Lottie?". That is too funny! #aufpet"

"Last bit of light at the top of the hill in #eucla."

"@JasonStobbs tells me the fish and chips in #Eucla are good. I'm getting some! I'm stopping here. 36.5 done."

"Thank you! RT @RuthieMPearce: @rungeordierun Hope this little message helps you on your way today! :-) "

"It turns out that @jasonstobbs favourite band is #enya. Who knew! #stobbsytales"

"@jasonstobbs is in his element. #enya is being played in the restaurant. "It's her difficult 2nd album". #stobbsytales"

"@jasonstobbs is recounting his first date with #Brenda (Fiona). A romantic walk in Saltwell Park (in January!!). #stobbsytales"

"Lights out in #eucla. Only 7 miles to the quarantine checkpoint and South Australia in the morning. Good night!"

Mark will be speaking to Gary and Lisa from Real Radio North East (100-102 fm) just after 7am tomorrow morning.  You can listen online here.