Monday 11 July 2022

The Run Geordie Run 51st Birthday Challenge

To "celebrate" my 51st birthday, this year I have decided to take on a quite unique and difficult challenge. On Wednesday July 13th I will be running, cycling (all uphill), rowing and climbing a combined distance of 51km (that's 31.7 miles in old money). I'm calling this the Run Geordie Run 51st Birthday Challenge

The challenge will be split into the following parts: 
  • 20km run around the boiling hot streets of Northumberland 
  • 20.9km cycle up Mont Ventoux (using the Zwift app and a Watt Bike Atom)
  • 9.1km row around Lake Bled (using the EXR app and a Concept 2 rower) 
  • 1km climb (3281ft) using a Versa Climber (as seen being used by Ivan Drago in Rocky 4)
I expect the entire event to take around 8 hours to complete. That's around 8 hours of gruelling effort which won't be too dissimilar to a typical day during my run across the USA for example. 

I'm sure you'll agree that this challenge is worthy of whatever small (or large) change you can throw the way of St. Benedict's Hospice who I remain indebted to for the care given to my Mam during her final days battling cancer. 

You'll be able to follow the challenge on social media. Simply search for Run Geordie Run on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Thanks in advance for any kind donation you are able to make. Every pound really matters to the hospice, especially in these tough economic times.