Friday 23 June 2023

Announcement for 2025

Details of the next massive run in 2025 will be announced on July 13th 2025. That is a very significant date and is the 30th anniversary of my fundraising for St. Benedict's Hospice. The new sponsorship prospectus will also be available for all to read on that date.

I'm currently working behind the scenes on numerous aspects of the run. one of which, is the fundraising of course. It's amazing to report that there is already £6000 in the pipeline for St. Benedict's Hospice. That's with telling very few people about the run! 

I'm very hopeful of being able to announce a headline sponsor for the run prior to July 13th. There is lots of good news such as this to come as I attempt to make the run ac******** (whoops! I almost typed it again) a reality. 

I'm not underestimating the amount of support required just to get to the start line. Once that happens, leave the rest to me and enjoy the journey.

Tuesday 20 June 2023

The first important step

I'm very pleased to report that I received the following message from St. Benedict's Hospice today.

Thank you for sending your sponsorship prospectus. I have the brilliant news that the Charity Board have approved all of it. They are extremely impressed with all that you have put together and grateful for all that you are planning. 

We hugely appreciate your continued, outstanding support of St Benedict's Hospice!

A huge thank you, first and foremost, goes to the charity board at St. Benedict's Hospice for allowing me to continue my ambitious fundraising dreams. This is such an important first step in ensuring that the next massive run in 2025 is a success. 

Attention now turns to the time and place where the announcement can be formally made. Following that, the sponsorship prospectus will be available for anyone that would like to read it and hopefully be able to support the 3100 mile run in 2025. Another thank you goes to the kind folk who have already pledged their kind support. It's astonishing that there is already a few thousand pounds in the pipeline for St. Benedict's Hospice. There'll be more on that in a few weeks time. 

I have been fundraising for St. Benedict's Hospice for 30 years now, and what began as a means of repaying a debt of gratitude has brought additional advantages over time. The most significant among them is, without a doubt, how it has helped me manage deep grief after the loss of my parents.

I'll close with the photograph below which was taken at a cheque presentation to Anne Oliver at St. Benedict's Hospice back in 1997. I'd roped a few work colleagues in to doing a 120 mile bike ride and we raised £500. 

Even then, I knew that I would need the kind support of others if I was to succeed on a fundraising journey for the Hospice. That sentiment is never more true with what I have planned for 2025. Watch this space in the coming weeks to find out how you can play an important part in it all. Your support will be the difference between success and failure.

Monday 19 June 2023

Good habits forming

With the next major run less than two years away, there is currently a mindset and attitude that starkly contrasts with previous years. This isn’t a criticism of my effort since the last big run ended in 2018; rather, I want to emphasize that I am approaching the 3100 mile run in 2025 with utmost seriousness (and a healthy amount of fear and trepidation). 

Given my current fitness levels there’s little quality shown in the gym but, rest assured, there is no shortage of effort (as the heart rate graph shows). 

My focus recently has been on forming good habits. That improved mindset and attitude I mentioned is certainly helping with that. I’ve got in the gym far more in the last month than I’ve managed for quite a while. It doesn’t feel like a chore now and it’s not something I put off. Having the discipline to maintain that won’t be easy but I’ve gained some good momentum recently which will help. This is a stage I’m very familiar with but if there’s anything that’s going to drive me on, it’s the thought of another trans continental epic adventure. 
In terms of 2025, I am waiting on a “sign off” decision from St. Benedict’s Hospice of my sponsorship prospectus before I can announce my plans. This isn’t something that the hospice have asked to do but ever since my run across the USA in 2011, I’ve always thought it was the right thing to do. That document summarises the event and details exactly the level of support that will be required for it to go ahead. Having spoken to the hospice last week, I expect to announce the 2025 run later this month or early July at the latest. Watch this space.

Sunday 11 June 2023

Thank you

The overall charity fund is inching towards the £350,000 mark. 
I’ve adjusted the auction total slightly (minus £270) as one bidder changed their mind and won’t be paying for their winning item. It must be stated, however, that £3058 is a tremendous sum in aid of St. Benedict's Hospice. Thank you again for all of the winning bidders and those who bought a raffle ticket. 

I’ve taken tomorrow off work to go to the post office and post all of the auction items. There’s a few to hand deliver locally too. 

I’ve had a few people ask if the auction and raffle was to pay for the cost of the 2025 run. My reply is a simple one. Public money raised through such events and any donations ALWAYS goes directly to St. Benedict’s Hospice (and the other charities beforehand). Tour expenses for the runs up to and including 2007 and 2011 came out of my own pocket (approximately £17,000). It was a good investment with over £157,000 raised for charity. 

After the run across the USA, in 2011, I sought commercial backing to pay for tour expenses. The run across Australia was the first commercially backed run costing £16,000 approximately. That saw a £55,000 return for charity. 

The run across (whoops! I nearly typed it!!) in 2025 will require commercial backing to go ahead. I’ll also be seeking a significant sum for St. Benedict’s Hospice too. All of that is in a detailed Sponsorship Prospectus that is currently awaiting sign off from the hospice. 

Once I get the prospectus signed off I’ll be able to share details of the ambitious plans that I have for 2025. I believe it’s arguably the most difficult run I’ll ever do. I have set a £60,000 target for St. Benedict’s Hospice as a result. This £3058 will go some way towards that. 

So while the event hasn’t been signed off yet, I must press on with the fundraising, planning and training. 
The planning so far has consisted of plotting a high level 3100 mile route (the same amount of miles as the run across the USA in 2011). I’ve also planned the first 15 days in detail. 

I’ll be tracking my training from next week and will be sharing that with you (hopefully in the form of a YouTube episode). I have a lot of fitness to gain and a lot of weight to lose. This sounds very familiar! 

Thanks again to those kind folk who have contributed to the £3058 raised so far. This current campaign has 2 and a half years to go. As ever, I’ll be giving everything to raise funds as well as run some very tough miles over considerable distances. Stay tuned.

Friday 2 June 2023

Charity Auction and Raffle 2023


I'm pleased to announce that the raffle and auction in aid of St. Benedict's Hospice (Charity No. 1019410) raised at amazing £3155


The raffle was for a shirt signed by Eddie Howe with tickets costing £5 each. The draw was be made at 8pm on Thursday 8th June 2023 and the winning ticket number was 11 bought by David Crosby.

I got this shirt signed myself by Eddie when I met him during the training camp in Riyadh last December. The second photo was taken just after Eddie signed the shirt as I was confessing my undying love for him!

Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket. A magnificent £855 has been raised for St. Benedict's Hospice which can be viewed here.


The auction raised an incredible £2300! Thank you to everyone who bid.

LOT 4 - Kevin Keegan's worn tracksuit - SOLD
Start 02/06/2023 7pm
End 08/06/2023 7pm
Highest Bid £420 (K** S****)

LOT 9 - 2011/12 Shola Ameobi Signed Unwashed (dirt on shoulder) Match Worn Shirt - SOLD
Start 04/06/2023 7pm
End 08/06/2023 7pm
Highest Bid £250 (K** F******)

LOT 10 - Allan Saint-Maximin Custom Made Figure - UNSOLD
Start 04/06/2023 7pm
End 08/06/2023 7pm
Highest Bid £30 (M*** A******) - Reserve not met

LOT 11 - 2016/17 Dwight Gayle Signed Match Issued Poppy Shirt v Cardiff - UNSOLD
Start 04/06/2023 7pm
End 08/06/2023 7pm
Highest Bid £275 (I** O*****) - Reserve not met

LOT 12 - 2010/11 Squad Signed Replica Shirt - SOLD
Start 05/06/2023 7pm
End 08/06/2023 7pm
Highest Bid £320 (J**** L**)

LOT 13 - Framed 1947 Squad Page - SOLD
Start 05/06/2023 7pm
End 08/06/2023 7pm
Highest Bid £95 (I** Y****)

LOT 14 - Sven Botman signed large (A3 size) FIFA Ultimate Team card - SOLD
Start 06/06/2023 4pm
End 08/06/2023 7pm
Highest Bid £100 (A***** G******)

LOT 1 - Newcastle United 2009/10 squad signed replica shirt - SOLD

Start 02/06/2023 7pm
End 05/06/2023 7pm
Final Bid £200 (J***** W***)

LOT 2 - Eddie Howe signed large (A3 size) FIFA Ultimate Team card - SOLD
Start 02/06/2023 7pm
End 06/06/2023 7pm
Final Bid £500 (D**** C******)

LOT 3 - Glenn Roeder's worn sweatshirt - SOLD
Start 02/06/2023 7pm
End 06/06/2023 7pm
Final Bid £110 (G**** H****)

LOT 5 - 2011/12 - Sammy Ameobi Match Issued Shirt signed by the squad - SOLD
Start 03/06/2023 7pm
End 07/06/2023 7pm
Highest Bid £150 (J**** W***)

LOT 6 - England World Cup Celebration Framed Photo Signed by Jack Charlton - SOLD
Start 03/06/2023 7pm
End 06/06/2023 7pm
Final Bid £85 (A*** E*********)

LOT 7 - Deandre Yedlin Match Worn Shirt Framed With Signed Photo - UNSOLD
Start 03/06/2023 7pm
End 06/06/2023 7pm
Final Bid £180 (T****** A******) - Reserve not met.

LOT 8 - Shay Given Signed Framed Photo - SOLD
Start 03/06/2023 7pm
End 06/06/2023 7pm
Final Bid £50 (M*** R***)

Payment for winning bids can be made by cheque payable to 'St. Benedict's Hospice' or

Each lot has an undisclosed reserve amount which, if not met, will see the transaction cancelled and the lot retained for future fundraising events.  

Once payment is made to St. Benedict's Hospice there is no method of refund. Please be absolutely certain you wish to purchase a lot before bidding/paying.

Postage outside of the UK must be paid by the winner of each lot.

Items will be posted no later than 12th June 2023.