Sunday 4 October 2020

Stage X - Week 1

There are 9 months to prepare for Stage X of the run around the world. Tomorrow is day one and week one of training for it. The image below of my gym whiteboard shows my plan for the week ahead. It’s a tough start with an 0630 Versaclimber UK session at David Fairlamb Fitness followed by a half marathon (Fish Quay to Seaton Sluice and back). Learning to run the big distances while fatigued is something I’ll have to get used to again if I’m to have any chance of succeeding next year. 

Back to my whiteboard and my “wise words of the week” were quite easy to derive this week. This section contains the phrase that I will have at the front of my mind throughout the various weeks. To come up with a relevant phrase, I imagined Sir Bobby Robson writing his team talk on my board. Incidentally, I once saw one of his flip charts after a Champions League game with a simple but powerful sentence. This section of my whiteboard will play a huge part in what I do over the coming 9 months. So this weeks wise words are simply “SET THE STANDARD”. 

If you would like to suggest and sponsor my "TUNE OF THE WEEK" in aid of St. Benedict's Hospice then please get in touch at It’s the same email address if you or your company would like to add your logo to the big space available on the right of the board. 

I'm looking forward to the week ahead which involves climbing, running, rowing, pulling, pushing, lifting, twisting, throwing and stretching. It's basically a lot of the fun things I've enjoyed over recent months put together in a structured way. There's also a bit of what I don't enjoy too much but need to do. It's no good staying in the comfort zone.

Watch this space for progress throughout the week. I’ll also be explaining more about what the WOD boxes are too.