Monday 29 March 2021

Beach Bootcamp is back

This Saturday sees the return of David Fairlamb Fitness Beach Bootcamp. It’s always a hugely special thing for me to participate in and I first attended back in 2008 to help build the foundations for the run across the USA. 

One of the most humbling sessions for me was on August 13th 2011 where I was greeted by the participants just days after I finished the 3100 mile trans USA run. It was probably the easiest session that I've ever done. I had a really good excuse to take it easy!

There was a Q&A at the end of the session and by the looks of the photo above I was telling one of many stories that Dave's antics had provided me with. Perhaps it was the one where I admitted stealthily throwing stones in nearby bushes as Dave and I ran along the long roads during his time on the support team in the USA. If this was done around about dusk it didn't half freak him out. "Watch out for coyotes Dave". Oh how we laughed.

Fast forward to the summer of 2020 and Beach Bootcamp really helped me rediscover my love for exercise. It became the focal point for the week and the positive impact it had on my general mood and overall mental health was incredible. I'm generally a very positive and happy fellow anyway and bootcamp elevated that to such a level that I would have been high fiving strangers in the street if it was allowed! 

The Saturday morning Beach Bootcamp sessions have played a huge part in my journey around the world so far. I’m really looking forward to getting back down to business in the sand at Tynemouth among such a friendly and positive group of people. See you at 9am for a socially distanced Beach Bootcamp. Is there a better way to start the weekend? 

More info can be found on Dave's website here.

Monday 22 March 2021

Kit sponsorship available

The special intermediate stage of the run around the world is almost upon us. Stage X will get underway in just over 100 days on July 12th. Would your organisation like to play a crucial part in its success? Kit sponsorship is now available. 

The image above, taken after the end of the run across the USA, shows what a blank canvas we have for logo placement. There is room for a main sponsor and 4 smaller logos on the front. Each sleeve has space for 2 logos. The back of the shirt has room for a main sponsor and 3 other sponsors. Thanks to my previous sponsors for allowing use of their logos in the mock up images below.

For those who need bringing up to date with what Run Geordie Run is all about - 10,000 miles have been ran around the world so far over 5 stages, raising £334,000 for local charities such as St Benedict’s Hospice, The Children's Foundation, Useful Vision and The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation Bobby Robson Foundation. 

Whether it be John O’Groats to Lands End, coast to coast across the USA and Australia or more recently stages from Lisbon to Kiev, the Run Geordie Run project has seen a lot of generosity. This, of course, goes hand in hand with the social media following and mainstream media coverage gained on the journey so far. 

There are still 10,000 miles left to run in an attempt to raise a targeted half a million pounds for local good causes. Instead of resuming the round the world run in Kiev this summer, a more pandemic friendly alternative has been thought of. 

To “celebrate” my 50th birthday, I will be running a series of consecutive daily 50 mile runs this July. The chosen circular route, dubbed "Stage X",  runs clockwise from Bamburgh Castle as far south as Rookhope and as far west as Carlisle. It’s 250 miles in total and the aim is to reach a fundraising milestone of £350,000. 

If you are interested in kit sponsorship where 100% of proceeds are in aid of St Benedict’s Hospice then please get in touch at