Friday, 16 July 2021

All done

Full report to follow. In the meantime, if you’d like to sponsor me in aid of St Benedict’s Hospice then please visit

Day 5 update

Made it from the border lowlands to the Castle.  Thanks to Carlton for setting a quick pace over the last 5 miles. Oh and carrying my water. That was too quick but gets me to Lindisfarne Castle slightly ahead of schedule. 

To summarise, my right foot is swollen probably because it spent all night in the passenger side footwell last night. It’s ok to run on but getting my sock and shoe on this morning took ages. Blisters are nasty and would probably start to cause major issues if I was to run for a few more days. Energy levels very good. Next food stop is porridge back at the car on the mainland. 

I seriously doubt I would have made it this far (In fact I wouldn’t) without the support team I have. Carlton has put in a tough few days in this heat. It really is like having a butler!! 

Stobbsy and Donna join the team for the final section. That will free up Stobbsy to get a few miles in and see me home. 

I’m sat at the foot of the castle typing this. I’m getting the evils off Carlton which means it’s time to push on back to the mainland. The breeze on the causeway will bring brief respite. 

Finally, thanks to those kind people who have sponsored me in aid of St Benedict’s Hospice. I’ll get a proper total later but I think the amount for this current campaign stands at around £11,900. Without the kind sponsors on my shirt and those of you donating via it would not be possible. 

Right Carlton is starting to pace up and down. It’s time to get moving. I’ll be pushing as hard as I can to get to Bamburgh for 7pm (ish).

Day 5

About 1 hour of sleep, badly damaged feet (no surprise) and scorching temperatures here in the borders. After an early start, Holy Island is a few miles away. I’m looking good to beat the tide times and get back to the mainland before the final 20 mile push to Bamburgh. 

Donations are much needed for St Benedict’s Hospice and if you’d like to sponsor me then please visit Every penny is hugely appreciated. 

ETA at Bamburgh is currently between 7 and 8 pm.

Thursday, 15 July 2021

Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Day 2

Good morning from day 2. 5 hours broken sleep was had and I’m now on the rolling climbs of the A68. 

It’s my 50th birthday today so if you’d like to buy me a present then I can’t think of a better one than a donation to St Benedict’s Hospice. That can be done here

Monday, 12 July 2021

Here we go

Just a quick post to get things going. Watch out later tonight for a full account of day 1. Currently driving to the start line at Bamburgh where I expect to start running at 0600. 

50 miles is the target and any donations to St Benedict’s Hospice would be gratefully received at