Sunday 29 May 2022

2024 The Impossible Dream

While the global events over recent years have made the future route around the world look very uncertain, I have been plotting, scheming, thinking and looking at maps! When the world decides to calm down I will be able to resume the 20,000 mile run. I have the will and the means to complete it. All I need is the end to conflicts and pandemics! 

If the first 10,000 miles are anything to go by, then things rarely go to plan. I don't expect the remaining 10,000 to be any different. The ability to adapt and be resilient are two of my key strengths. Both of those things will be needed in abundance, once again, as I go chasing another multi thousand mile dream in 2024.

I will announce the details of the 2024 run as soon as I am able. My initial task is to drum up some commercial sponsorship interest. Without that, this run won't happen. What I can say for now is that the 2024 run will be up there in terms of distance, risk, difficulty and chance of success as the run across the 3100 miles run across the USA back in 2011. There will be another fundraising target of £50,000 which, given the current cost of living crisis we find ourselves in, is a huge ask. As ever, an event of the magnitude I have in mind must have an appropriate fundraising target. It's no wonder I'm giving the 2024 run a working title of "The Impossible Dream". 

I'll post more updates as I get them. You can also watch out for the #impossible2024 hash tag across the Run Geordie Run social channels.