Saturday, 16 November 2013

Day 29 - 31 (Feet warning!!)

Day 29 was a quiet day with Mark's mobile phone reception dropping once again.  The key focus on the evening of day 28 was to ensure that close attention was paid to the treatment of Mark's left foot.

On a brighter note, the fund for the two charities broke £21,000.

15:45 - "Won't get more than 18.  Foot sore.  Mentally OK about it.  I get punched to the floor.  I pick myself up to get punched again.  Up for the fight."

"Not sure if this will get through. Thank you for all messages of support and donations."

"All I want is a fair fight. The way my feet are going this does not feel like a fair fight."

"I have #grit and a #plan. I'm more determined than ever after this week's low point."

"There is always some kind of battle to fight in Australia. Flies, blisters, strong winds, heat, storms and the sheet distance of course."

"My injured right foot is the biggest battle that I have at present. It's worse than anything else I've faced in Australia."

"@jasonstobbs is doing an incredible job out here. He has 2 days left before @carltonf46 takes over."

19:30 - "990 miles ran so far. I need to run an average of 34.14 miles for the next 29 days to get to #bondi on time. The dream is still alive."

Mark received a lovely message, via the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, from Lady Elsie who was very keen to hear how Mark has been coping: “You @rungeordierun are in our thoughts. I hope you’re approaching every day sensibly. Your well-being is of utmost importance.”  

Mark's signal was poor for the rest of the day.  He finished running at 17.28 miles.

Day 30 (feet warning with this one!)

Day 30 started with Carlton en route to meet Mark and Jason.  This is the drive that he had to make:

08:00 - "HELLO WORLD! 1000 miles ran."

"This is day 30. 2 hours in to the day. Attacking during the morning session. Painkillers working well."

"19 miles done. Time for food and more painkillers. Too quick this morning. Very windy. Requires extra effort. A good day so far."

"I've taken some right beatings lately by this country. Today, @Australia, I'm kicking you right in the #nullarbor."

"Timing of painkillers and quality of sleep mean that I'm having a decent day. #nullarbor #rgrdownunder"

"#nullarbor roadhouse is 4 or 5 hours away. This is where @carltonf46 joins the team. He was the last support man in the USA run."

"Meanwhile, I'm on #now67 where I was surprised to hear a #spicegirls song. I must have missed that comeback in 2007."

"Day 30 - As per usual, I'm wondering what is over that horizon. #nullarbor #rgrdownunder"

"Day 30 - This is what was over the horizon. A long piece of straight road."

"I haven't seen a single bit of road kill since #Eucla. The #nullarbor national park seems totally devoid of life."

"Oh apart from the wild dog I saw this morning. #nullarbor"

"Thanks to @JasonStobbs finding water 2 days ago, I've been able to have a shower every night. It's his last day on the team on Friday."

"Some are speculating that @JasonStobbs extracted the sap from a tree with his teeth to fill the RV with water #stobbsytales"

"@JasonStobbs is off to #Melbourne on a #neighbours tour next week. #rocknrolllifestyle"

"Thank you to everyone who has made a donation via Thank you for the charity cash and messages left."

14:30 - "First tree I've seen for a while #nullarbor" 

"Getting windier on day 30 #nullarbor #eyrehighway"

"The #nullarbor is fighting back this afternoon. Wind speed picking up. #isthatallyougot"

"Road trains have their lights on early today. #roadtrain #nullarbor"

"31 miles done so far on day 30. 2nd lot of painkillers have worn off. Back in a world of pain. Taking more before setting off again."

"I see #nullarbor #roadhouse in the distance. 10k to go on day 30. #rgrdownunder with drivebenfield"

"I think there's a storm brewing ahead. Dark clouds all around. Lovely sun right above. #nullarbor"

"3 miles left today. #nullarbor I feel a hot meal, proper toilet and shower may be on the cards."

"@jasonstobbs in his 17 quid flip flops has already eaten at the #nullarbor #roadhouse. #stobbsytales"

"This pic of #japanesealan at #Bordervillage has just reached me. Wonder if he ever leaves?"

"Bit of #boneym on the #iPod to see me into #nullarbor #roadhouse #painterman"

"Sunset on the #nullarbor as the #IndianaJones theme plays on the #iPod"

"This is how happy I am after 3 lots of painkillers."

"This section of the #nullarbor is very flat with very few trees."

"Current position in #southaustralia #nullarbor #roadhouse in my sights."

"#youngheartsrunfree this is a canny shuffle to end the day. 23000 songs and all the gems are carrying me to #nullarbor #roadhouse"

"#nullarbor #nullarborplain not a tree to be seen."

"Just ran past this sign. #bordervillage #norseman #nullarbor"

"@jasonstobbs is running the last 1/2 mile with me. "This wind is a nightmare" he says. #someboy #stobbsytales"

3"8 miles required today. 38 miles done. It's now about how hard I can get hit."

"I very much like the #nullarbor #roadhouse"

"#fishandchips in the #nullarbor #roadhouse"

@carlton46: "Made it to rv with @rungeordierun. #12hourdrive"

"The new support team. Jason and Carlton #rgrdownunder"

My new sounds: Day 30 - 38 Miles Done at Nullarbor Roadhouse 

21:45 - "Lights out. 3rd lot of painkillers worn off. Foot improved slightly today I would say."

00:15 - "There's a storm out there in the. #nullarbor. High winds and lots of rain. Hope it's calmed down by the morning. #rgrdownunder"

"Pain in my little toe keeping me awake. Might have to hit the tablets. It's tender!"

"It looks like it's going to take another 5 days to get across the remainder of the #nullarbor. #rgrdownunder #ceduna"

Day 31

"Managed to get through the night without painkillers. On them this morning though. Rain stopped thankfully."

"@carltonf46 is on washing duty today. #nullarbor #roadhouse have facilities thankfully. @JasonStobbs is supporting me in the car."

"Day 31 - Starting Line #nullarbor #roadhouse #eyrehighway"

"Thank you #nullarbor #roadhouse for your showers, laundry and toilet."

"Oh and your #commstower"

"The sun is there somewhere. #eyrehighway #nullarborplain"

"Something to aim for.  4- 5 days to #ceduna"

"@carltonf46 has been sponsored to run a marathon with me when Dave and Ian join the team next week."

"@carltonf46 will be running in a dress complete with feather boa. Guess what dress size? #carltontales"

"A video of my view #nullarborplain"

"Still number 1 in the world on #strava."

"For those asking on Twitter and Facebook - Right foot has dried out a bit overnight. Hopefully this is the start of the recovery."

"11 miles done. Wind is very strong today. Driving back to #nullarbor #roadhouse for some food. No energy left."

"Carlton enjoying some soup at the #nullarbor #roadhouse"

Day 31 - The Team by rungeordierun

"Starting the next session now. Feel tired but just had #discojuice (Ice Coffee) and an energy gel. It's very windy but nice and warm."

"60 kph wind and getting stronger. This is killing me. The #nullarbor is hitting back today."

Mark's signal has dropped again. He finished the on 23 miles having been totally exhausted by the wind. The clock has now adjusted in line with the current timezone and has moved forward 45mins.

The fund continues to grow however there is still a long way to go until Mark reaches his target of £50,000.  These are two incredible charities and every single penny is put to good use.  If would like to donate, please click here.