Monday 4 November 2013

Day 20 (plus days 18 & 19 catch up)

Day 18 - "90 Mile Straight by rungeordierun"

Day 19 

"Sunset on the #eyrehighway #90milestraight #rgrdownunder #Australia"

Day 20

08:45 - "HELLO WORLD! Mile 70 of the #90milestraight and I have the faintest of phone signals. Will be passing through #Caiguna later today."

"I've been battling a very strong headwind for the last 70 miles. Only a few horse flies though. Every day presents a new challenge."

"It's 25 years to the day since my Dad lost his battle against cancer. Running in his memory today."

"In other news, I haven't had a shower for 4 days. @jasonstobbs beats that with 8 days!"

"Just met a lovely couple for a quick chat. They have been touring for 9 months and are heading back to Perth."

"This straight stretch of road is the craziest running I've ever done. It's a treat just to see a road sign."

"I almost forgot! I'm up to NOW 39 on the #iPod. #perfectday #babycaniholdyoutonight"

"This looks very familiar! #90milestraight #eyrehighway"

"Long gone are the many trees lining the route."

"Still accompanied by the many #roadtrain #eyrehighway"

"It's getting dangerously hot out there. A good time to stop for lunch. 20 miles ran so far. #eyrehighway #rgrdownunder"

13:45 Day 20 - "Straight Road by rungeordierun"

Day. 20 - "Nice Couple, Dad by rungeordierun"

14:15 - "12 miles to #Caiguna"

"Time to leave the shade of this boiling hot fly infested RV and begin the afternoon session."

"12 miles left on the #90milestraight #eyrehighway"

"My new sounds: Day 20 - Hot Hot Hot"

"Inside the fly net"

"Not what you want to be running in on a very hot day!"

15:15 - "Feel very light headed. Pace dropped. Drinking 750ml per mile. Not feeling good."

"Just had 10 minutes in the RV which is now parked up every 3 miles as a precaution. It's going to be even hotter tomorrow. #rgrdownunder"

"#caiguna and the end of #90milestraight is 6.2 miles away."

T"he irony of Now 30something yesterday had "Every day is a winding road" on it! Not here Sheryl pet."

"#eyrehighway day 20"

"Get in there! #90milestraight #eyrehighway #caiguna"

18:15 "Get in there! #90milestraight #eyrehighway #caiguna"

"I dedicate these chips to @BigOwlComedy @jasonmarkcook @andyfury #caiguna #roadhouse"

"This roadhouse has a shower! Wahoo!"

(Yesterday's shower wasn't possible due to the high winds blowing out the pilot light. Fortunately the roadhouse in Caiguna allowed Mark and Jason a little luxury) 

"Looks like I've lost more weight this week. There's literally bits missing from 3 weeks ago."

"Lunchtime foot special. There appears to be a hole in my heel. The other one is worse!"

"Poor @jasonstobbs has had his 1st shower in 8 days ruined in an instant. #stobbsy"

"Despite the massive holes in my feet @JasonStobbs #stobbsy is happy with the healing of my feet this last week."

"Lights out time in #Caiguna but not before I kill a horse fly with a left jab. #rocky #rocky #rocky"

Mark finished the day on 32 miles.  This brings the total to 692 miles ran in 20 days.  

"Today's miles ended happily with me remembering my Dad who lost his fight against cancer 25 years ago today."