Wednesday 20 November 2013

Day 35 & 36

Day 35

"A cold and windy start to the day. I'm braced for high temperatures starting from 9am."

"Day 35 - start of the day after a bad sleep"

"I love being near a #commast. Phone calls back to the UK made. I'm happy."

"Wind picking up nicely. I'll take this over heat and flies for now."

"Thank you to my headline sponsor @drivebenfield for great support. Couldn't do it without them. #spon"

"RV broken down again. It's 2 miles back. Looks like I'm on my own for now."

"Not many people wave back in their passing cars round here. #Penong"

"RV has been fixed. Good job we are close to civilisation. Of sorts."

"Determined to leave the #nullarbor tomorrow. It's a brutal part of the world to run but very beautiful all the same."

"Just spoken to a German cyclist on his way to #calgoorlie."

"I can hear a mechanical sound in the field next to me. It seems very alien to my ears."

"There is a very small and exclusive community of people crossing the #nullarbor by various means."

"The ones I've met have very similar personality traits. They are articulate, determined, positive and friendly people. #nullarbor"

"It's too soon but I'm sure I'll look back on the #nullarbor as I do the #Mojave desert, #deathvalley, #rocky mountains or the #appalachians"

"I think I know how @mrmarkbeaumont must have felt when meeting fellow long distance travellers. #nullarbor"

"#bacon and eggs in #penong" 

"I've seen a lot of these since passing the mine near #yalata #nullarbor #eyrehighway"

"Feeling strong this afternoon. Unleashed my secret weapon on the #iPod. #rgrdownunder"

"I've just passed the spot where Bryan Smith tragically died in 2001 "

"Progress after 34.5 days of running. #rgrdownunder"

"Think I'll change my shoes at the next meeting point. Each stone I'm standing on is sending a shooting pain through my injured right foot."

"Porridge, iced coffee, energy gel and a 20 minute #tacticalsnooze. 27 miles done. 11 left on the final session of the day."

"Brrr. It's cold. Wooly hat on. Signal fading. 35 miles west of Ceduna."

"Aaaah. Painkillers have kicked in. :)"

"1 mile to go. Very quick last 7 miles. Still had another gear but that's not what this run requires some days. Winding down now."

"Needed 38. Will get 38 today. A perfect plan executed perfectly on day 35."

"I'm far more aware of my own physical potential and limitation than I was for the run across the USA."

"Knowing what to do, when and how to do it is half the battle. Adapting to changing conditions and having a plan B is the other half."

"38.1 miles done on day 35. Had many more miles in my legs today. A good day in tough windy conditions."

"New Brooks Glycerin 11 trainers with 11 miles to go were a very good idea in hindsight."

"Some top cooking by @carltonf46. 3 courses no less. Soup, chilli and biscuits!"

"@carltonf46 seems to think that an average of 36 miles per day will get me to #bondi on time."

"You can't beat a shower in the RV. @carltonf46 like @JasonStobbs before him has found a way to get water into the RV unconventionally."

"38 miles tomorrow will get me 1200 miles exactly. It's an incentive!"

"The wind is picking up around the RV. @carltonf46 is feeling a little seasick."

"Tine for lights out on Day 35 of #rgrdownunder with @drivebenfield. 35 days left to reach #bondi. #tobondi"

"@carltonf46 is looking at small errors and efficiency savings in the route to Sydney. I should have a good idea of exact mileage left soon."

"Finally, please donate if you can to @sbrfoundation @tcfcharity I'll love you forever if you do. X"

"@MissNoble6 @DunnStreet63 Thank you so much for your fundraising efforts. A huge well done to all who took part. :)"

As well as providing some fantastic pictures for #rgrart Dunn Street Primary School also held a charity event as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations.  Miss Noble and her children took part in a sponsored run and raised a fantastic sum of money for the two charities.  A big big thank you to everyone who supported this. We hope to share some pictures of this soon!

Day 36

"Morning from the #eyrehighway. Today, day 36, will see the end of the #nullarbor. #ceduna"

"That was a very cold and wet 7 miles. In the RV for a rare cuppa and change of kit. Feet are disintegrating in the rain. #nullarbor."

"I'm 2 miles away from 1200 miles. I'm having a Tim Tam with my cuppa to celebrate."

"Thank you! "

"1200 miles done! 16 miles left until the end of the #nullarbor. #rgrdownunder #tobondi"

"Up to #now83 on the iPod. #onedaylikethis"

"Day 36 - the rain has stopped 12 miles west of #Ceduna"

"Day 36 - warming up thankfully. I'll take flies over cold and rain"

"#ceduna #denialbay #eyrehighway #nullarbor"

"Going to do another 7 miles to #ceduna today and stop at 21. @Donna__Houghton has arranged a nice RV camp for us. Be rude not to use it."

"Enjoying the last few miles of the #nullarbor. #ceduna is just over an hour away. #eyrehighway"

"I'll be double checking the remaining miles this afternoon and applying a couple of @carltonf46 suggestions."

"I have a feeling that I'll be at the halfway point, in terms of distance, tomorrow. More news later."

"#ceduna is in my sights. I can see the ocean again. #eyrehighway #nullarbor"

"5km to #ceduna #eyrehighway #nullarbor"

"Just ran past this sign. #ceduna #eyrehighway #nullarbor"

"Goodbye #nullarbor. Hello #ceduna. #eyrehighway"

"Day 36 - hello #ceduna"

"#ceduna Quarantine"

"Wow! A house on a street. #ceduna"

"More of those things called houses. #ceduna"

"Shower, haircut and now to find some delicious seafood in #Ceduna"

"@carltonf46 has worked like a demon today. Supplies bought and laundry done. Ready for the #eyrepeninsula tomorrow."

"After 36 days of running."

"#ceduna Jetty"

"#rgrdownunder in #ceduna"

"Cheers in #ceduna #fullfatcoke"

"We have used today's early finish to set the #rgrdownunder clock to #Adelaide time. That's 1 hour lost. Only 1 more time zone to go."

"Having tea in a pub. I haven't seen this many people in 1 place for over 5 weeks! This is how Tom Hanks must have felt in #castaway."

"I will reach the half way point of the run across Australia tomorrow. There are 1256 miles left to run. I have ran 1212 miles already."

Day 36 - End Of The Nullarbor by rungeordierun

"The remaining miles of #rgrdownunder with @drivebenfield."

"The required daily run rate to get to #bondi on time is now 36.9. So far I've averaged 33.67 miles per day."

"I expect the average rate to increase due to a) being 16 kg lighter than at the start. b) The #nullarbor is behind me now......

..c) the team increases to 3 on Friday. d) More water and better quality food is readily available going forward.....

... e) @Donna__Houghton gets here next week!"

"Lights out time. Bed an hour earlier due to time zone change. Tomorrow's target is 40 miles. Time to get some miles in credit. #believe"

As you can tell by Mark's tweets, and perhaps if you heard the interview with Gary and Lisa this morning, you will notice a huge boost of positivity.  This is as a result of a number of factors; the massive mileage milestone, contact with the outside world and progress with the healing feet.  Carlton is doing a great job reviewing the route and generally looking after Mark so all is well.  David and Ian start their journey from the UK tomorrow and will land in Adelaide late Friday evening.  Saturday should see the support team in full force and as a result hopefully some big miles achieved.