Thursday, 28 November 2013

Days 38 & 39

Day 38

Mark started day 38 strong and had the opportunity to catch up with messages of support via twitter and Virgin Money Giving.

At 7 miles Mark tells that he "had a panic attack, laughed and cried all in a 30 second period.  More news why on Monday".

After 19.5 miles Mark's ongoing battle with his feet presented more pain.  His little toe on his right foot was causing severe pain.  After a quick break and some pain killers Mark tackled the second session of the day.  The blister has been caused by running on a small, uneven hard shoulder as well as looking over his left shoulder for traffic throughout the day.

Mark passed through Wirrulla, a strong wind meant that there were very few flies making the day that little more bearable.

Mark sent a message out to Carlton just after 29 miles saying that he was in serious need of food.  At this stage of the day Mark had burned 4200 calories and only consumed 1500.  A massive deficit which he continues to struggle with in attempt to make some sort of balance.

Mark finished day 38 on 36 miles.  He was joined by Carlton for the last 2 miles which provided some great banter to end the day with.

Day 39

Mark started day 39 at Cungena, it was a cold start but was most certainly due to heat up.  Mark's right foot continued to cause him pain, at one point he had reduced his pace to a walk while he waited for Carlton to arrive in the RV where he could then assess the situation and receive the necessary treatment.  The aim for day 39 would be 30 miles.

Dave and Ian joined the team in the afternoon and were able to join Mark running which was a great boost.

Mark ended the day on 33.4 miles and was able to have a proper shower in the RV campsite.  Having Dave on the support team meant that Mark could also have a massage in attempt to revive his legs.

Some stats to reflect on after 39 days of running: 23,226 ft climbed, 1320 miles ran. 160,000 calories burned and approximately 3.1 million steps taken.