Friday 8 November 2013


Soundclouds from previous days where there was no signal...

Day 24 - CAUTION: nasty feet pics later!

05:30 - "Ran out of socks so having to wear dirty pairs. The one @jasonstobbs washed with rainwater aren't dry yet."

Day 24 - "last night's overnight stop. The turning circle for the #RFDS runway."

"Day 24 - Time to reduce the mileage deficit on my "rest day"."

My new sounds: Day. 24. - Old Socks

My new sounds: Day 24 - Cliffs

"I can feel my crusty socks starting to rub in a few places already. This is not good"

"Kangeroo hopping in the distance to my right. Wait there's 2. They move quick and bounce high."

"Thanks to everyone for donations. I'll be celebrating mile 800 (in 2 miles time) reading through"

"Mile 800 is on the horizon."

"@jasonstobbs nearly ran over those 2 kangeroos I saw earlier. #stobbsytales"

"These are the ancient cliffs I've been talking about to my left."

"800 miles done. #rgrdownunder #eyrehighway"

"The mileage deficit is now 99 miles and falling. Just read messages left on Humbled to day the least."

Day 24 - Crusty Socks by rungeordierun 

"I haven't yet told @jasonstobbs he's sleeping outside the RV tonight if my socks aren't dry. #stobbsytales"

"#moodinibluff #eyrehighway #rgrdownunder"

08:45 - "Signal fading. 10 miles done so far. Deficit is down to 95 miles."

"Thank you to Mr Robinson's year 4 class at Beaconhill Primary School in Cramlington for their lovely pictures. See"

"Half marathon done. Deficit down to 92 miles. Time for one of @jasonstobbs omelettes."

"@jasonstobbs thinks this could be "the best omelette yet." #stobbsytales"

"I'm letting @jasonstobbs use some of the eggs to make an omelette for himself. I'm not normally this generous to the team. #stobbsytales"

"@jasonstobbs omelette is sticking to the pan. "Oh, I'll just have scrambled egg then". #stobbsytales"

'Signal almost gone. Back online in a few days. Please donate if you can."

"Day 24 - this type of sharp edge road surface is really hurting my feet."

"Horse flies are being a mare today!"

"2 more kangaroos bouncing along. 24 miles done. Feet unbelievably sore in my old crusty socks."

"Kangeroos are keeping in line with me but at a distance. Listening to That Wine Show podcast this afternoon."

"Kangeroos are waiting to cross the road up ahead."

"They are safely across and are off into the distance."

14:45 - "Looks like a runner coming this way. Strange!"

"Just met a guy from France who is running from Sydney to Perth. Despite his limited English/my French we had a good talk."

"He was expecting to see me at some point. What a moment. I have videoed it for the documentary."

"I'm guessing he's in his 50s. He's very slightly built and athletic. He looks like a really strong runner."

"Our paths crossed 50km east of Madura. He should meet Japanese Alan later today."

"I don't know what he was called so he will always be known as French Alan."

"Looking good to get that deficit down to 60 something today."

"Been hanging on to mobile signal all day. Will go very soon. Only able to update via SMS signal is so weak."

17:15 - "Update from Donna: 32 miles so far. Eating and then back out. #rgrdownunder"

"No idea how I've got 2 bars on my phone. 34 miles done. Feet wrecked. Big setback for them I suspect. New socks dry for tomorrow."

"@jasonstobbs has his work cut out tonight. Calf muscles tight. Feet in bits. Crusty socks and sharp stoned road all day has killed them."

"Available soon in all good bookstores. #stobbsytales starring @jasonstobbs thanks @memoodesign"

"There's an outside chance this could be a record haul of miles today. @Donna__Houghton what is the record?" (41.25)

"Mobile signal up to 3 bars. Must have either line of sight of #Madura mast or picking up #mundrabilla mast. If there is one."

19:15 - "Finished on 38.1. Gutted. Loads of energy left but feet ruined and left calf very painful. In a lot of pain right now."

"Sunset on day 24 #rgrdownunder"

"To top it off I don't think I've ever smelt so bad as I do right now. 1 shower in 12 days. It's another baby wipe bath for me tonight."

"Thanks to @andyfury @SteffenPeddie and the THAT WINE SHOW podcast for keeping me entertained today. Very funny!"

"I think, for the first time since @memoodesign @hawayDobbyman left we are getting the food right. Good stuff being cooked by @jasonstobbs."

"It's one thing getting nice food cooked, it's another forcing myself to eat it. My appetite isn't brilliant during these long runs."

"@jasonstobbs is sacrificing some of his own drinking water to create a warm soak for my badly damaged and very dirty feet #stobbsytales"

"The mileage deficit has been reduced to 67 miles as a result of running 38.1 miles on my rest day today."

"My left foot cleaned with a warm soak and tea tree oil."

"My right foot."

The dirty socks have had a huge impact on the very slight progress that had been made with Mark's feet.  Due to the extra moisture in the socks, accelerated by the constant heat, Mark is having to change them during the day to try and prevent further infection.  This is something that the new support team will need to be conscious of, ensuring that all kit is clean and readily available.  Sadly being in the middle of nowhere, and on a tight sponsorship budget, new socks aren't an option right now.

Jason is treating Mark's feet in the best way that he can.  He has been bathing them and cleaning them with an antiseptic.  Fresh medical supplies (of every sort) will be sent with Carlton who joins the team on Thursday next week.  

Rather than end on the horror of the feet pictures, here's where #stobbsytales started: