Saturday 9 November 2013

Day 25

06:00 - "Day 25 - My feet are in so much pain. Not sure how many miles I'll be able to do. I feel sick with pain."

"The socks washed in rainwater the other day are now dry but have blood and traces of Compede encrusted inside."

"Today's weather sponsored by @chapmanvent #rgrdownunder"

Nearer the coast the temperatures have been a tiny bit forgiving however the flies continue to be a nuisance.  Today Mark ran the first 10 miles in his tracksuit to try and avoid being pestered by horse flies.  This seemed to work although naturally the thicker clothing did nothing for Mark's body temperature.  Finding a happy medium is a tough job at the moment!

"My new sounds: Day 25 - Painful Feet"

"Kangaroo bouncing over the road ahead. Too quick for my camera."

"Today's good news is that @JasonStobbs has fixed my calf muscle. #stobbsytales"

"When @jasonstobbs drives past I do a dance/gesture. So far this week I've done the robot, body popping, Japanese head bow. #stobbsytales"

"This is a quicker than usual start to the day helped with a call home to @Donna__Houghton. #rgrdownunder"

"65 miles left to #SouthAustralia. #rgrdownunder"

"I love #telstra. There's a comms mast here in the middle of nowhere. I get a better signal here than back at home. @o2 tut tut."

"Stopped at the 12 mile point for food and painkillers. Not sure I can go any further with these feet."

"You don't appreciate Fairy Liquid until you use Woolworths Home Brand" says @jasonstobbs #stobbsytales"

"@jasonstobbs is currently treating Japanese Alan who is in a lot of pain. Here is his cart. #stobbsytales"

"Japanese Alan is on his way again. @jasonstobbs international sports therapist saves the day again. #stobbsytales"  

My new sounds: "Day 25 - Helping Japanese Alan"

"Day 25 - mile 15 #eyrehighway #mundrabilla"

"A police car has just slowed down for a look at me. It's off again now after a thumbs up."

14:15 - "22 miles done. Feet are probably feeling the worst they have in the entire run. 7 miles to #mundrabilla."

"If I get to #mundrabilla it will be an achievement today. Feeling sick with pain and too much Ibruprofen probably."

"Shoe tree near #mundrabilla #eyrehighway" 

"Only a couple of miles left to #mundrabilla #eyrehighway"

18:30 - "Got a shower at #mundrabilla. Happy days. Back out to do more miles."

"Unbelievably good to feel clean. Looking at 34/35 miles today. Never thought that was possible at one stage. #painkillers"

"Eucla tomorrow. Through the border on Monday into South Australia. Digging deep to get miles in with these feet."

"Not a tough choice to lose 2 hours to eat, shower and shave at #mundrabilla. Lovely staff at the Roadhouse."

"Becoming tired of my negative tweets but just telling it as it is. It's horrible. Every mile an out and out battle."

"Only 2 areas of my right foot have major problems. Left foot much improved."

"Going to give the right foot 2 days to improve before making any decisions about whether to continue."

18:45 - "Time for head down to the road and to get some quick last few miles in. I've had a shave. I'm streamlined."

"Re: earlier tweet. Will run 2 days and see if right foot improves. No resting to be done just yet. Sorry for confusion."

"Thank you all for such kind support which I get to read via text message when signal is weak."

19:17 - "Stopped on 33 miles. Right foot in agony. So pleased the mileage deficit hasn't gone up too much."

"Time for @cherryactive, 2 bowls of cornflakes and massage."

"@jasonstobbs is trying to fix my right foot. My little toe has no feeling in it."

"The most painful part of the foot is between the big toe and the next one along then right underneath. So sore."

"75 minutes of treatment by @jasonstobbs. Left foot is healing well."

"Lights out at 9 local time. Tomorrow's target is Eucla."

A quick and BIG thank you to Mark's sponsors for making this run a reality for him.  Without their support this simply would not have happened.  This has allowed Mark to do something that he is so passionate about - raising as much money as possible for two charities very close to his heart.

A HUGE thank you also goes out to everyone who has donated.  This is what the run is all about.  Raising as much money as possible for two very worthwhile charities.  You are all a part of this journey. Thank you.