Friday 29 November 2013

Days 42 & 43

Day 42

An early start ensured that Mark was able to travel the 300 miles back to where he ended on day 41.  Driving the route from Adelaide gave Mark a better understanding of the landscape and terrain that lay ahead.

The road that Mark will use heading into Port Augusta is a very busy road, something very unfamiliar for the run so far.

At the start point Carlton, Dave and Ian were waiting to get Mark back on the road.  They had used their free evening wisely and had been shopping for Mark's return:

Eager to get back on the road and build the mileage back up Mark completed 20 miles in record time - the quickest half marathon, 10k and 5k of the entire tour.  The focus was strong for the coming days with a target of 39 for day 43.  The temperature was forecast for at least 40 celcius.

There hasn't been a great deal of #rgrart of late but this entry certainly raised a few smiles in the support team.  Courtesy of @memoodesign - Melanie who supported back back in Perth:

Day 43

5am and Mark was getting ready to set off for day 43.  The forecast had changed overnight to 34 Celsius which was a little more appealing for Mark.  The target for the day remained.  39 miles with big miles on Thursday and Friday too before a change in the support team which would reduce it from four to just one.

Day 43 Sunrise - 9 miles west of Kimber

With the temperature at 21 Celsius so early this could only mean one thing - flies.  Mark donned the familiar sight of the fly net and trooped on for the day.


Did you know? The word "Kimba" is derived from the local Aboriginal word for "bushfire".

Donna, Carlton, Ian and Dave. The new support team.

As Mark headed out of Kimba the signal started to drop.  The temperature had reached 43 Celsius as Mark had approached 18 miles.

Mark ended day 43 on 32.4 miles.  The temperature was relentless for the majority of the day and peaked at 49 Celsius.  Mark reported that his left foot had started to develop the same problem as his right foot had 2 weeks ago.  These were early stages so the aim was to treat as carefully and as thoroughly as possible.