Monday, 11 November 2013

Day 27

There wasn't enough signal to update this yesterday so here is the summary for Day 26:

Day 27

05:30 - "Terrible sleep. I'm so tired this morning. My right foot is sore. Today is going to be tough."

"I'm going to give this foot one last day. This could be the end of the road for me. The call to @GaryandLisaReal is going to be a tough one."

"Trying to remain positive. Thanks for all messages."

"On a more positive note, I've used a proper toilet for the first time in 2 weeks. That was pure luxury right there. No flies. No ants. :)"

"Day 27 - A big whale in #eucla"

"1st 5k done. Only 5k until I get painkillers. Scenery has reverted back to this. #rgrdownunder"

"Day 27 - Goodbye #eucla #nullarbor #eyrehighway"

"3 days to the next #roadhouse after #bordervillage. #rgrdownunder"

"This is the scheduled meeting place for support man @carltonf47 later this week."

"@JasonStobbs is off through the quarantine checkpoint with the RV. I'm meeting him in South Australia. #rgrdownunder"

"I'm not sure, with my recent lack of showering, if I'll pass through the quarantine checkpoint without incident! :)"

"Quarantine checkpoint near #eucla"

"Speaking to a #roadtrain driver in #bordervillage. He saw me 2 weeks ago. He is taking bananas from Cairns to Perth. It's a 5 day trip!"

"The #roadtrain driver travels for 14 hours before taking a 2 hour break. Then travels home for a 48 hour break before doing it all again."

"A big Kangeroo in #bordervillage" 

"#bordervillage #nullarbor"

10:15 - "Breakfast in #bordervillage" 

"Welcome to #southaustralia #letsdothis"

"Looking back at #bordervillage"

"My new sounds: Day 27 - Border Village"

"#bordervillage #eyrehighway #nullarbor"

"Not liking the size of the hard shoulder in #southaustralia"

"#nullarbor #eyrehighway"

"Thanks for the donation in memory of Jim Whyatt of Hebburn, taken from family and friends by cancer in 1988."

"#nullarbor #eyrehighway #bordervillage"

"I should be able to see the sea in 10km. For now it's this familiar view. #eyrehighway #nullarbor"

"Crusty socks aren't on the list thankfully. #eyrehighway #nullarbor #southaustralia"

11:30 - "Signal fading as I head further in to #nullarbor national park."

"The #greataustralianbight #nullarbor"

14:30 - "Feel unwell. Painkillers to blame I think. Digging in."

"21 miles done into a strong headwind. Spectacular views to my right."

"The ocean is a lovely turquoise colour. Signal too weak to upload photos."

"2 groups of cyclists have passed me in the last hour. Wind so strong they stay in view for a long time."

"2nd lot of painkillers wearing off. Pain coming back. Not taking any more today."

16:00 - By this point Mark was out of normal mobile signal but was able to speak to Gary and Lisa on Real Radio breakfast show through the satellite phone.  Click here to catch up on the interview (update 7).

As you can tell, this was quite an emotional interview.  Not only did this highlight the physical and mental torture that Mark is enduring on a daily basis but this also shared a message from the heart of someone who is benefitting from the fundraising at the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.  Ali's husband is a patient a the Sir Bobby Centre and we had the pleasure of meeting them both a short while ago.  Ali has adopted the role of Mark's 'twitter mum' often sending messages of support (and strict orders!).  A previous quote from Ali: "The money you are raising makes a direct difference.  For me, it's having a husband and for my son, a dad, for longer". This really does help to build perspective on why Mark is prepared to endure this daily battle.

I spoke to Mark a short while after the interview when he confirmed that he had ended day 27 on 26.8 miles. The plan was to effectively use the 12 hours as rest and to allow Jason to continue to treat his feet.  There are now only 4 days left with Jason as support so Mark really needs to utilise every moment.

Mark was very adamant in highlighting that, even though he is going through this physical and mental pain, he will not quit.

There is so much at stake for the two charities and that's not something he is willing to sacrifice.  Donations are received every day with humbling messages of support for Mark.  He will continue until he reaches his goal of £50,000.  The messages of support and donations are what really spur Mark on. Please continue, it is very much appreciated.

In a nutshell, as long as Mark is able to put one foot in front of the other he will continue each day until he gets to Bondi Beach, Sydney, on Christmas Eve.

And finally, here are two great messages of support sent through to Mark today:

@KayLMurray (Football Broadcast Journalist, beINSport USA): A video message by @rayhudson and me, from Miami with love to the incredible @rungeordierun: click here


@TCFCharity: "a msg from Peregrine as we know you are suffering! We are all so proud & know u can do it #rgrdownunder" (Peregrine is the Chief Executive of The Children's Foundation).  Click here.