Thursday 21 November 2013

Day 37

"Up an hour earlier than usual. It's 4 am my time but 5 am #Adelaide time. Tired but at least it's the new time zone." (Adelaide is +10.5 hours)

"For anyone who followed the run across the USA then this picture should give a laugh...check the blog history for 'Nissan Dave'."

A church in #ceduna.

"Day 37 - Next major destination is #portaugusta. Goodbye #ceduna #eyrehighway"

"Looking good for the number 1 spot on #strava this month."

"My new sounds: Day 37 - Start"

"#sunrise in #ceduna #eyrehighway #eyrepeninsula  #rgrdownunder"

"Day 37 - #ceduna. Please make your own jokes. :)"

"Goodbye #ceduna"

"#ceduna #airport"

"Black clouds over the ocean. #ceduna"

"Enough photos for now. Time to get a move on and listen to #thatwineshow podcast where #japanesealan and me get a mention."

"For #thatwineshow link please see @andyfury @SteffenPeddie. Please note that it contains "1 or 2" naughty words."

"I'm currently 6 miles away from the half way point on the run across Australia!"

"That's the entire #now series listened to. Now for a listen of Oliver Sountrack, Kings of Leon and some Ska."

"The total mileage of the run across #Australia is currently 2468 miles. The half way point is 1234 miles. I like that."

"I've made it! Half way across #Australia. Pics to follow. 1234 miles ran so far."

"Top omelette from @carltonf46 to celebrate reaching the half way point. But was it better than @JasonStobbs effort? #stobbsytales"

"@carltonf46: "I saw a small snake with legs earlier". Me: "You mean a lizard?"  @carltonf46: "erm, yes"."

"Thousands of flies making photos difficult this afternoon. #ihateflies"

"I don't get it. #doorhandle"

"It's a nice warm afternoon on the #eyrehighway #eyrepeninsula"

"Half way. Taken in windy conditions with lots of flies. Nightmare!"

"A familiar face has rejoined the run across Australia. Any idea who?"

"Porridge and energy gel at the 31 mile point. Out now for the last session of the day."

"Wind has picked up speed very quickly. Flies have vanished. Happy days."

"View to my right. #eyrehighway" 

"Last 2 miles. Will get 38 today. Last 3 miles were the quickest of the day."

"Average daily run rate will be 36.9 by the end of today."

"38.72 miles done today. A long tough day. Cold, heat, flies and strong headwind to finish. Pleased."

"I need to run 36.8 miles per day for the next 33 days to get to #bondi on time."

"Dingos barking nearby. They must be able to smell my tea."

"Just caught up with the donations. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far."

"@carltonf46 wants to take a photo of a most spectacular night sky. He's bottled it because of the dingos and various other noises outside."