Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Day 21

06:30 - "Kangaroos at #Caiguna"

"The first bend I've seen for 3 days. #caiguna #eyrehighway #rgrdownunder"

"The aim is to get to #cocklebiddy today."

"I've not known it as warm as this at 6am. Tough day ahead."
(the temperature was set to soar at 37 degrees celcius by midday)

"That's 45 minutes lost. #timezonechange #caiguna #eyrehighway #australia"
(currently 8 hours 45 minutes ahead)

09:25 - "New levels of flies around me today. I had a shower yesterday!"

"In other news, yesterday was the first day I've ran without painkillers on this trip."

"And finally, I've just passed the 700 mile mark. #rgrdownunder with @drivebenfield"

"Flies are a complete nightmare. Can't eat or drink easily on the run. There's so many around me. Almost makes you want to give up."

(Mark is currently consuming around 3000 calories per day but burning in the region of 7000-8000).

"10 miles done. I've sent the RV 10 miles ahead. Gotta get through these miles before the blanket of heat hits the area."

11:00 - "Eyes sleepy. Just keeping them open wide enough to spot oncoming traffic. Getting hotter."

"Hardly got the energy to acknowledge the passing traffic."

"Here comes the real heat. Getting hotter with every step."

12:45: "Misjudged the water. Almost out with 3 miles to go until the RV meeting place."
(1.5 miles left to 20)

"Made it to the RV. Very thirsty. Lesson learned. 90 minutes rest now back out into the heat."

**signal lost**

19:15 "Had to stop at 33.65 miles for the day. Huge electrical storms to my left and right. Too dangerous to go on. #rgrdownunder"

"I'm a bit dehydrated despite having 11 litres today. #rgrdownunder"
(Mark is carrying 4 x 500ml bottles for every 4 miles)

Mark was feeling strong today and was on target to reach the 41 miles however the storms were relentless meaning that he was forced to quit for the day for fear of his safety out on the road.  The RV is parked safely just off the Eyre Highway but is still close enough for Mark and Jason to watch the storms.  I'm sure he will explain these in more detail himself.  

The forecast for day 22 is very much the same.  Thunderstorms are very likely and could last through to Thursday.  The temperatures look set to drop after this with cloud covering and rain.  This should make the running conditions a little easier and will hopefully give Mark the chance to claw back some miles from the deficit.


Today we received more additions for the #rgrart gallery.  These have been drawn by Mr Robinson's year 4 class at Beaconhill Primary School in Cramlington. There were so many that I think we will have to post them across 2 days!

The children were amazed to hear how far Mark has to run each day and how far he has to run to get to Sydney.  Today's lesson with Mr Robinson was all around personal qualities, in particular determination.  They think it is amazing what Mark is doing, wish him lots of luck and will be following the progress to Sydney.  Thank you!