Sunday 17 November 2013

Day 32 & 33

Day 32

"HELLO WORLD! It's a scorcher today and lots of climbs. Glad the wind has died down."

12:50 - @carlton46: "Little bit of a signal. Very hot very hilly. Flies are back but @rungeordierun powering on. 23 so far for the day."

"Sad to see @JasonStobbs leave the team today. He made an excellent contribution to this run. What a top lad. #stobbsytales"

"Meanwhile, @carltonf46 is doing a cracking job on the support team. Just like old times in the USA."

"Day 32 - This doesn't look like much of a climb but it was a challenge in the heat."


"Carlton making lunch at the 27 mile point on day 32. #yalata #eyrehighway #nullarbor"

"#yalata is over the next hill #eyrehighway #nullarbor"

"My right foot has improved over the last 2 days. Other smaller blisters have appeared but they are nothing compared to how that foot was."

"A random sign hundreds of miles from civilisation never mind a caravan park. #yalata #nullarbor"

"We moved the clock that we're working to forward 45 minutes today. This means more daylight running hours."

"I now have a week to move the clock forward 1 hour to #Adelaide time. This will mean cooler, darker starts and lighter finishes."

"Oh! Up to #now72 on the iPod by the way. #arewehuman #arewedancer #classic :)"

"1km to #yalata #eyrehighway #nullarbor"

"Over 1000km of the #nullarbor ran. #eyrehighway"

Mark received a brilliant message of support from Graeme Swan: @Swannyg66 : @rungeordierun please follow this hero as he runs across AUSTRALIA!!! And all for charity #legend #screwloose

"#yalata #nullarbor #eyrehighway"

"Forgot to mention that @JasonStobbs hardly slept last night. He's excited for a Neighbours Tour in Melbourne tomorrow. #stobbsytales"

Confirmation of the exciting journey... #stobbsytales

"36 miles done. 2 miles left. #yalata #eyrehighway #nullarbor"

"Look who I bumped into on the last mile: Support Man Carlton"

"Time for @cherryactive. This is why I never ache the day after running big miles. #spon"

"I had a lot more miles in my legs today. Not surprised after only managing 23 miles yesterday."

"Just used the last of the water in the RV for a shower. That's 5 showers in 5 days. I've been spoilt."

"Just caught up with donations and messages on Thank you to those who have donated. Very kind."

Day 33

"The sun is 30 minutes away from the horizon. It's day 33 if #rgrdownunder with @drivebenfield."

"I think it's going to be warm again. Tomorrow (Monday) is going to be a scorcher. Important that I have a good day today."

"Start of day 33 #yalata #eyrehighway #nullarbor #rgrdownunder #sunrise"

"Sad to hear an old drinking buddy and exiled Geordie in Adelaide, Mick Wailes, has lost his battle against cancer. #covetavern"

"Signal fading again as I get further from #yalata. GOODBYE WORLD."

This was the last update for day 33.  Mark ended the day on 35.25 miles.  The winds were very strong again which meant that this was a stronger battle and required much more energy to get through the day.  

Mark and Carlton have been continuously reviewing the route and the outcomes required.  Some tactics have been agreed to ensure that Mark continues with the high mileage each day.  The extra daylight is playing a huge part meaning that Mark does not need to run in the dark.  His foot is continuing to receive treatment and being closely monitored as always.  There has been a small improvement which is great news.  

Aside from the setbacks of the strong winds and damaged foot, Mark is more determined than ever.  He is fully focused on the mileage required each day to ensure that he reaches Bondi Beach on Christmas Eve.

Carlton's previous experience on Mark's support team (USA 2011) has been shining through and he is really focused on keeping Mark on track as well as keeping the spirits high.  Word from the camp today suggests that there could be more truth to the rumour about a dress.  It appears that there is also a feather boa to complete the outfit...this could be fun...


This week we have had some lovely pictures from Archibald First School in Gosforth.  The children were amazed when Miss Bradley told them all about Mark's run.  Thank you Miss Bradley!

Abbie, Class 4

Alex, Class 4

Daniel, Class 4

Ellie, Class 4

George, Class 4

Isaac, Class 4

 Jack, Class 4

 Joseph, Year 1

Muhammed, Class 4

Nouha, Class 4

Shona, Year 1

Just a reminder that all donations support two amazing charities, The Children's Foundation and the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.  

Generous donations have continued over the course of the weekend and the fund has now passed£22,000.  This is brilliant, thank you.

This week a press release was sent out in relation to one of the projects that Mark (and his very kind sponsors - you!) has helped contribute towards with The Children's Foundation.

The press release reads: The Children's Foundation July meeting of the Regional Small Grants Panel, of which Mark Allison 'Run Geordie Run' is a member, £880 to North Tyneside Disability Forum's Young Peoples Project for the purchase of clay and kiln time for their sculpture class on Thursday evenings.

The project is aimed at children from age 7 upwards who are physically and/or sensory disabled to socially come together with abled bodied children and enjoy a craft based activity suitable for all ages and abilities.  Rachel Telford, Children's Development Worker, commented 'sculpture is the kind of activity where you can really get involved with what the children are making'. 

You can read more about this project and see pictures of the children and their sculptures on the Sky Tyne and Wear website.  

Without your kind support these types of projects would not be possible.  Thank you so much!

If you would like to donate and send Mark a message of support please click here.