Thursday, 31 October 2013

Day 16

Day 15 was a quiet day in the world of social media for Mark without mobile phone signal. This morning was quite a different story: "HELLO WORLD! I've had a terrible morning on day 16. Feel very unwell and fatigued. Stopped after 11.4 mile to rest in #Balladonia."

Balladonia is a very small resort situated along the Eyre Highway but thankfully not too remote to have contact with the outside world.  Mark spent the first few minutes of the day updating us with pictures and recordings from previous days...

Day 13 - mile 10

Day 14 - Oversize load #eyrehighway

Day 14 - Temp peaking at 34c

Day 16

It's like a sauna in the RV.

Day 16 - Progress so far. 553 miles ran in 16 days.

Thankfully as well as having mobile phone signal, there was also somewhere for Mark and Jason to eat which offered more than just porridge! This could be the last decent meal for the next 900 or so miles.

Before calling it a night Mark spoke with Simon Pryde on Total Sport, BBC Newcastle.  During this interview Mark shared more of the experiences that he has faced so far.  The story of the spider eyes staring back from the darkness - hopefully certain members of the support team weren't listening and having second thoughts! Thankfully just one set of eyes, any more could be a worry!

Day 17 is just starting.  Since moving further across the country Mark has entered a new time zone meaning that they lost 45 minutes on the first day.  This should be an advantage today with what will hopefully be a cooler start to the morning allowing Mark to get more miles in before the temperatures start to sore.

Looking ahead, these high temperatures are set to stay.  Not only does this mean that Mark will be battling the heat during the day running, but this also has an impact on sleeping in the RV - 

"It's way too hot to sleep and I keep feeling bugs crawling on me. I can hear but can't find the Mosquito that has been squealing around."

"Got the mosquito but there is another. I've got 2 choices. Go to sleep and get eaten by it and it's little maggoty orange friends or fight."

"Ok Australia just eat and crawl over me already."

In terms of the progress with Mark's feet, Jason has been doing a fantastic job.  The run would certainly be in grave danger of ending if he wasn't on the team.  He arrived at just the right time. 

Ever conscious of the mileage deficit Mark has made the decision that next week's rest day (2) and rest day 3 will be used to mop up the lost mileage (currently 60 miles).  

Mark is really pushing his body to the extreme, both physically and mentally.  All in good faith that the outcome will be victorious with him 1) reaching Bondi Beach on time, but ultimately 2) raising £50,000 for his two charities, The Children's Foundation and the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.  If you're taking the time to read this blog and have not yet donated, please do so.  Even if its just the cost of skipping a posh coffee at breaktime during the day.  Every single penny counts and goes towards the 2 amazing charities.  If you haven't already heard what these charities do, then please take the time to visit their web pages.  Truly remarkable work and the recipients are immensely grateful for all of the fundraising that Mark and many others do to support them.  

Here are two quotes which really do help to put things into perspective:

"It's our monthly visit to SBR unit today, always a bit tense.  Will think of you running to help fund it. #hero" (from the family of a patient undergoing trials through the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation)

"I just love what you do, it makes us really happy.  It's the first time I've smiled since we got here" (from a parent in relation to the Clown Doctors)

Please click here to make a donation.  Mark sends his heartfelt thanks to each and everyone one of who takes the time to do this.