Saturday, 26 October 2013

Day 11

Just before lights out news reached Mark that a new milestone had been reached for the charity fund.  The generosity of people is overwhelming and the fund now stands at £18,000 for the two charities; the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation and The Children's Foundation.  This a fantastic sum of money, a massive thanks to everyone has donated so far.  Some of the messages are very humbling and Mark is ever grateful.  If you would like to make a donation then please visit Mark's Virgin Money Giving page.

After yesterday's mileage Mark had to revisit the strategy for the run across Australia:

Here are some of the tweets from day 11:

"Just ran past a very scary abandoned (hopefully) settlement. Didn't smell too good. I thought I saw a small monkey in dungarees!"

"Just been stopped by a guy who heard about the run on the radio last week. Quick photo and some good wishes. Nice one."

"33 done. Looking odds on for 41 again."

"My view.  2 miles left."

"41 miles done today. 411 miles in total in 11 days. 41 miles behind schedule. Planned rest day tomorrow. Don't think I'll be using it."

"1st massage of the run coming up by @JasonStobbs. This is much needed after 411 miles."

"Top work from physio @JasonStobbs. I needed that!Top work from physio @JasonStobbs. I needed that!"

"I should also mention that @cherryactive continues to amaze me as a product. The lack of sore/stiff legs the day after is amazing. #spon"

So as day 11 ended Mark received some much needed treatment from Jason.  The outcome remained that Mark is in a world of pain.  His feet have now been strapped up and it is very likely that his right foot has now become infected.  This will be carefully monitored over the next few days.

Day 11 also ended as a very sad day.  Melanie and John leave the support team tomorrow morning and start their return journey back home to Perth (411 miles!).  These two amazing people have given up their own time and driven hundreds of miles to help a complete stranger.  Such an amazing act of kindness. They have undoubtedly played a huge part in the success of the run to date.  Thank you both!