Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Checking in from Dubai

I'm writing this blog post containing various odds and sods from Dubai Airport where I have a 10 hour wait for my flight to Perth. I have plenty of Australia related tasks with which to fill my waiting time. My first task was to check the donations that came in while I was in the air. Much to my utter delight, the charity fund had crept up to £14,784.76. The "Good Luck Run Geordie Run" event at Benfield's VW dealership raised £412 which was brilliant. Thanks also to everyone who went to my Virgin Money Giving page and pressed donate now.

Of course, this is the first campaign that I have used Virgin Money Giving. The real benefit of switching to that particular site is that more of a sponsor's donation goes to the 2 charities. By my calculations, if I'd used Virgin Money Giving for the run across the USA, an extra £2500 would have been given to the charities. That is a significant sum of money to anyone, let alone a charity.

Back to media coverage and I spotted the front page of the Journal on Twitter just a few minutes ago. "Australia here I come" is the front page headline. I know the Journal have plans for further weekly coverage and their support is very much appreciated. There was also a nice item in the Northern Echo today which can be read here.

There was one particular tweet that I was made aware of from an Australian journalist called Sylvia Jeffreys (@SylviaJeffreys). It reads as follows "Forecasters predicting an extreme Summer of cyclones, thunderstorms, heat waves and bush fires. Above average temps nationwide". Seriously!? It could be just like the run across the USA all over again where there were higher than average temperatures from start to finish.

I'll close this blog post with this picture of Liz Luff from The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation. I handed over this 4ft (possibly) crocodile to her on Monday night with the strict instructions that it was her job to blow it up in readiness for a photo at Newcastle Airport.

I don't know how long it took her and her husband to "get it up" as it were, but I didn't have the heart to tell her that it had a slow puncture. Sorry Liz. :)