Monday, 21 October 2013

Day 6 - Brief Update

Having listened to the Soundcloud recordings for today I think that they describe the day perfectly in Mark's own words...

**This has to be a favourite - Come on!**

So, once again incredible progress having reached 226 miles in 6 days. Mark reflects: 

"In so much pain. I can't lie on my side as my hips are so sore. This is agony. Night folks."

Mark summarised offline:  "in a lot of pain, hips are terribly sore, can't lie on either side.  Need to curl up in a ball as its so cold".  Fingers crossed that some treatment to the feet, painkillers and the 'old faithful' Cherry Active all play their part in the recovery for tomorrow.

Yesterday Mark launched #rgr art.  He opened this up to any children who would like to submit a drawing of Run Geordie Run running across Australia.  We had two entries on the blog for day 5.  Millie Rowe who captured the scene well with a swarm of flies chasing Mark and and Josh Healy who drew Mark at the kangaroo warning sign.  

Today we have Harry Gettins, aged 6.  Harry drew a picture of Mark arriving in Sydney at Christmas.  Harry and his brother, Joey, sent Mark a lovely letter just before he left for Australia wishing him lots of luck.  They have been tracking the progress on their own map (see below).  Thanks Harry!