Monday, 14 October 2013

30 hours to go

It's been another busy day of preparation in world of Run Geordie Run Down Under ... with Benfield. The day started with a call from Perth Radio station 96 FM. They asked for an interview in their studio on tomorrow mornings breakfast show with Blackers, Carmen and Fitzy. Of course, I was only happy to oblige and I'm looking forward to that. Please tune in after 0730. There is a listen online link here. Set your alarms for half past midnight UK time.

I had a nice leisurely 7 mile walk today through the very beautiful suburb of Como to the Sir James Mitchell Park. It gave me a lot of time to think and reflect on the journey ahead. I recorded some brief audio which can be heard using the widget below.

The following collection of images don't do the park justice. The views of the central business district in Perth were stunning.

I spent an hour in the afternoon getting supplies from Woolworths. I quickly filled the trolley but it took 2 trolleys to take the packed up shopping. There was everything in there from energy bars, rice, pasta, porridge, nuts...... I could go on. I picked things off the shelves as if my life depended on it. It could be hundreds of miles before we see a store as well stocked as this one is. My time in the shop wasn't that dissimilar to those "end of the world" or Zombie type disaster movies. You know, the ones where the survivors rush around the supermarket emptying the shelves. There are further images of the trolley and it's contents on Instagram for the real nerds out there.

Finally today, support Man Graham (pictured below) flew in to Perth just hours before his 65th Birthday. In his luggage were pair of trainers number 2, some Nuun tablets and more Run Geordie Run information leaflets. Graham didn't appear to be too tired at the airport but was flat out at 10pm. He now has only 1 day to recover from jet lag before starting his duties on the team on Wednesday. That's a big ask as it took me nearly 3 days to get used to this time zone. Anyway, it's great to have Graham on the team. You can read more about him here. Thanks to our lovely host, Helen, for picking up Graham from the airport and giving him a place to stay for 2 nights. She has been an absolute star and I'll be writing more about her contribution to the run in a separate blog post.

There was a nice piece on my running club Tyne Bridge Harriers' website here. It was also nice to see that David Fairlamb's website front page is now dedicated to Run Geordie Run Down Under ... with Benfield

As you can see below, I've finally managed to upload Sunday's Channel Ten news item that was shown nationally across Australia in the main bulletin and then in the headlines between shows such as Homeland and Modern Family.

Please listen out for me on tomorrow's Real Radio Breakfast Show with Gary and Lisa (pictured below) as we launch Run Geordie Run Down Under ... with Benfield. This promises to be a very special show indeed and will be jointly broadcast with ABC 720 in Australia. You'll get top hear all of the Aussie jingles. I think the amount of commercial airtime allocated to it is quite unheard of these days. I gather that a lot of behind the scenes production has gone into this broadcast and I'm very excited to be a part of it. The show can be heard by clicking the LISTEN LIVE button on this page between 8 am and 9 am (UK Time) on the 15th October.

That's all for now. As ever, I'm up until the wee small hours writing this blog, keeping you informed and taking you on the journey that is Run Geordie Run Down Under ... with Benfield. It is almost here. I am ready. I am excited. I am nervous. I do not want to let the 2 charities down. I am prepared to push boundaries and ensure that I try my hardest at all times. Get ready to enjoy the journey with me. In only 30 hours time I will be setting off from Cottesloe Beach.