Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Day 7 - Brief Update

First things first,

This is fantastic news and a brilliant sum to have achieved only 7 days into the run across Australia. Massive thanks to everyone who has donated so far! There is still some way to go in order to reach Mark's target of £50,000 so please continue to spread the good word.  For anyone wishing to donate please click here

Day 7 started from a place called Moorine Rock.  Mark had this to say at mile 3:

By noon Mark had ran 13 miles and sounded exhausted.  Here he describes the contributing factors:

As ever Mark has continued to received tonnes of good luck messages, encouragement and support.  Today Mark received an email from David Williams who is the Deputy Mayor of Flinders Council  (which, if Google serves me right, is a local government area of Tasmania).

David had these encouraging words for Mark:

Hi Mark,

I am thinking of you and your inspiring run to raise funds for a cause which you are passionate about. I fully appreciate how difficult it's going to get as the days pile up and the questions start to pile up in your mind. But I KNOW you'll get there and I am looking forward to meeting you in the western suburbs of Sydney - I will be flying up there to join you for a while.

Hang in there and use my own mantra " I am strong, I run long" .... just chant it over and over : O)

This is only one of many messages and whilst Mark doesn't always have the chance to reply to them please be rest assured that he thoroughly appreciates each and every one of them.  The mobile phone reception is starting to become weaker meaning that at some stage Mark will no longer be able to post updates.  Until this happens he will continue to upload as much content as possible.  

Mark ended today on 36.8 miles here are the final tweets for the day:

Stopped at 36.8 miles. Too hungry. Huge calorie deficit last 2 days and it's starting to show. Eat then sleep.

Force feeding myself pasta and 2 bowls of crunchy nut cornflakes. Must get food sorted out. Not eating enough.

All is not lost though as Mark received some great news earlier in the day:

Today's amazing news - Remember John and Melanie from days 1 - 3? They are joining the support team tonight until @JasonStobbs arrives.

Melanie and John travelled 4 hours from Perth to add support to the run.  They have kindly shopped for  fresh supplies and Melanie has baked some naughty brownies.  These should help with the calorie deficit! 

So with those happy thoughts here are some fun pictures to add from today: #hayart

The saddest hay in Australia

This farmer has a sense of humour

A serious warning?

Humpty Dumpty

Finally, and staying on the theme of art, today Mark received another picture to add to the #rgrart gallery.  This was created by Holly who wants to wish her Uncle Mark lots of luck!