Tuesday, 15 October 2013

96 FM with Blackers, Carmen and Fitzi

I'm very lucky in this "job" and it gives me the opportunity to meet all kinds of interesting and kind people. Today was no exception as I was asked to be a guest on 96 FM's Breakfast Show with Blackers, Carmen and Fitzi (or Ian Blackley, Carmen Braidwood and Brad Fitzgerald if you'd like to call them by their "posh" names).  

I really enjoyed talking to the guys both on and off air. We talked about the distance, my weight, injuries and so on. I got a real sense of admiration, awe and respect from them. This mixture of feeling, I have to say, is very much consistent with everyone else I've talked to in Perth over the last 6 days.

I always anticipated a friendly welcome here in Perth but the reaction of so many Australians and ex pats alike has gone way beyond my expectations. The people here in West Australia are so nice and genuinely want to hear all about the run across Australia. If I continue to meet similar folk along the route then it's really going to spur me on.

Thanks to Blackers, Carmen and Fitzi as well as Peter Brennan the producer of the show for having me on air. I'm looking forward to speaking to the show again as the run progresses.