Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Run Geordie Run Down Under launch show on Real Radio and ABC 720

There was a very special Run Geordie Run Down Under ... With Benfield launch show today broadcast by Gary and Lisa on Real Radio in the UK together with Jonathan Morrell on ABC 720 in West Australia. It was a really emotional piece of radio that saw an unprecedented amount of commercial radio airtime given up for me and the 2 charities.

I left no emotional stone unturned and, at times, just about managed to hold the tears back. There was a lot of really good banter between the 4 of us and if this broadcast is to be one of my final memories of this great city of Perth, then it is a really good one.

The first section of the show heard Gary and Lisa catching up with their old colleague, Jonathan. We then talked about how I'd spent my time preparing for the run while in Perth. BBQs, curry, mammoth shopping trips for vital supplies and how much Vodka my temporary landlady Helen and her boyfriend consumed while at the aforementioned BBQ were the topics in this section. Incidentally, Helen and Lisa are both from Consett originally. Enough said! :)

The final sections of the show talked about my fears, hopes, current mindset and exactly why I raise funds for The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation and The Children's Foundation. 

I was thrown a curve ball when Lisa read out a message from my son Jack. After I quickly composed myself, the show continued.

The show ended with a final plea from me for donations. I laid it all out on the line at that point and tried to explain how we all, collectively, can make Run Geordie Run Down Under ... With Benfield a success for the 2 charities. 

I've got to admit that the broadcast left me emotionally drained and I now have just 11 hours to compose my thoughts and get ready to set off from the jetty at Cottesloe Beach at 7 am tomorrow local time or midnight UK time today. The widget below contains all of the dialogue (and very good Aussie sound bytes) from today's show.

Thanks to Gary, Lisa and Jonathan for a great show and to the behind the scenes production team too.

I'll close this final blog post before I set off across Australia with a plea for your hard earned money. Any donation that you can make, via the Virgin Money Giving link below, would be gratefully received. Rest assured that every penny of your donation is much needed and very well spent by The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation and the Children's Foundation. Thanks in advance for your generosity.