Friday 25 October 2013

Day 10 - Brief Overview

As predicted, the weather was set to increase in temperature towards the end of the week.  Mark tweeted "Day 10 underway. Warm overnight. Think it's gonna be a scorcher." Below you can see the range in temperature forecast for the day, the minimum being from sunrise at approx. 05:00.

This is how the morning progressed: (no confirmation of camel spotting, yet)

Mark continued through to midday posting the following updates:

"Only 23.4 miles done so far. Very slow going in crazy hot temperatures. The shape of things to come."

and then

"Stopped at 25 miles for now. Going so slow. Hampered by left hamstring. Can feel right hamstring starting and sore right foot."

"Need to have a much needed shower and then apply ice packs to numerous areas."

"Thankfully physio @JasonStobbs arrives on the support team tomorrow evening. Not a moment too soon."

Conscious that he was 16 miles short of the 41 target for the day Mark turned to the support team to discuss tactics.  On Tuesday (day 7) Mark had calculated that the total distance ran was 263 miles which, by his calculations, is more than 10% of the distance done in 10% of the time.  Looking at these stats again today Mark confirmed "I'm 5 miles ahead of the overall schedule to get me to #Bondi on time. That's a position I was never in during the run across the USA."  Mark has decided that if counts today as a rest day and then runs 2 days of 41 miles then he will be back on track.

Here is a snap shot Mark's progress as of day 10:

Mark's summary for the end of day 10:

"Quite a few mozzies in the RV tonight. Looks like I'll be sleeping with my fly net on."

"Goodnight from our camp in the Outback. Surrounded by trees way off the beaten track. Australia won today but @rungeordierun will be back."

"Our overnight position has been marked by #Identicom. @gles48 is glad the police will know where to look for our corpses. Ah! Gallows humour."

"@gles48 has just found a 4 inch stick insect in bed with him and I'm sleeping with my knife under my pillow. #imageordiegetmeoutofhere"