Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Day 8 - Brief Update (Feet warning!)

Here are Mark's thoughts at the start of day 8:

So, today the support team became 3.  Late last night, and after a 4 hour drive, Melanie and John arrived at Mark's overnight destination.  Melanie and John have very kindly given up more of their time to join the run across Australia.  They will stay until day 12.  This is a fantastic boost for Mark (mainly as Melanie brought lots of foodie treats) but also as it strengthens the logistics of the team as well as giving keen runner Graham the opportunity to run alongside Mark over the next few days.

No sooner had Melanie and John joined the team Mark had his bacon sandwich on order and sock washing duties assigned!

With the marvels of modern technology (a satellite phone) Mark was also able to catch up with Gary and Lisa live on Real Radio. This will hopefully, signal permitting, be a regular feature on the breakfast show and will allow Mark to update the North East listeners on his progress so far.  Mark was also kind enough to share early morning put-you-off-your-breakfast shots of his feet.  Apologies in advance, I was told to include them!!

So a great day 8; new members of the support team, bacon sandwiches, home made burgers for lunch, curry for tea and brownies for pudding.  I think the calorie deficit is slowly reducing! Here are some of the nicer pictures that were uploaded throughout the day (minus the snake!).

Thanks to those folks who have made a donation. You're all stars.

Pic of a snake anyone? #fresh

Almost sun down. 35 miles done. 6 to go.

My view for the last 3 miles of day 8.

Mark ended the day at 41 miles, this puts the grand total for 8 days of running at 304.  To add to this, Mark also achieved a new record haul of miles for any morning session so far.  A very good day all round.

"41 miles done. Everything hurts. 304 miles ran in 8 days. All to do again in less than 10 hours time. #rgrdownunder with @drivebenfield"


Today's selection of pictures come from Miss Noble's year 4-6 class from Dunn Street Primary School in South Tyneside. 

Miss Noble's class are following Run Geordie Run with great interest and have chosen a selction of drawings to add to the #rgrart gallery which will hopefully cheer him in his way (some common themes of flies and feet!).  The children are also hoping to raise money for Mark's charities through a sponsored run after half term - watch this space.

The message from Miss Noble's class reads "Keep going - we're sending you our best wishes!"

If your child/class would like to get involved and send Mark some pictures then please email them to