Thursday, 24 October 2013

Day 9 - Brief Update

A strong start to day 9 was soon interrupted by a storm...

At 5 miles Mark made this report on the weather:

The support team continues to strengthen and today physio Jason landed in Perth.  Jason has 2 days to collect essential supplies, sneak in a parkrun and to collect the support car.  The support car has been very kindly supplied by Mitsubishi Motors and will provide Jason with the necessary means to reach Mark and the support team.

Support team spirits were high this morning and, following a bacon and egg sandwich for breakfast at 13 miles, John had a story to share about showering in the outback.

As always, the messages of support are continuous. These are a great motivational tool for Mark and he's always appreciative for the kind words and encouragement.  Here is a special message recorded by the Clown Doctors.  

                 RunGeordieRun! from TIN Arts on Vimeo.

The Clown Doctors are just one of many partnership programmes funded by The Children's Foundation. It is an innovative programme offering hospitalised children opportunities to take part in artistic play.  It aims to relive them of fear and insecurities and to empower the children to understand and come to terms with their situation at a traumatic time in their lives.

So that's Day 9, once again Mark ended the day with some great tucker prepared by Melanie (poor Jason, the standards have been set high!).

Here are Mark's closing Tweets and recording:

"1 mile left to the finish line near Coolgardie. Very tired. Feels like a small tear in my left hamstring. Been like that for 20 miles."

"41.1 miles done on day 9. Some good company and interesting conversation with running partners @memoodesign (12 miles) and John (23 miles)."

"I'm full of bangers and mash cooked by @memoodesign. Very sleepy."