Thursday, 17 October 2013

Day 2 - Brief Update

Once again Mark sends his heartfelt apologies for not updating this blog himself and sharing more of the journey so far with you.

Mark had an incredibly tough day today battling through a headache, the Australian heat, tiredness and if you read on his social media sites - pesky flies.  Mark feels that these have all contributed to a slow progress today - yet he managed 31 miles.  Still an incredible feat!  As tough as the day was, as you will see below, Mark was able to treat himself to a spot of fine dining - at Bakers Hill Pie Shop.  I'd like to see the stats for the mile leading up to that!

Towards the end of today's run Mark was joined by 2 expats, John (from Newcastle) and Melanie (from Southampton).  They reached Mark when he had 2 miles to go which seemed to help pick up the pace resulting in a speedy finish for the day.  Proof that the legs work if the mind tells them to.

John and Melanie have a place 1 mile from today's finish line and very kindly offered Mark the use of a proper shower and an evening meal.  All in all this was a tough day but John and Melanie have been superstars and Mark is very grateful to have been so very well looked after.

The messages of support have continued throughout the day as have the donations.  Each and every one of these spur Mark on to keep pushing so that he gets to Bondi for Christmas Eve and that the target of £50,000 for the two charities is achieved.  Please continue to send these messages through Facebook or Twitter - they really do help!

Tonight is all about recuperation.  An early start tomorrow will hopefully help Mark get back on track and ensure that he arrives at Norseman as scheduled.