Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Day 14

04:38 - Day 14 start:

04:42 - "The run across Australia is panning out exactly as I thought it would. I've just got to get through the painful times and dig in best I can."

As Mark describes in this audio, his feet have been bandaged by Jason to ensure maximum protection and prevention of further infection.  

Since the run started 14 days ago, Mark has been working his way through the 'Now' catalogues - "Up to Now 20 today. Let's see what delights it has for me. #rgrdownunder #ipod"

Here are some more of the views along the Eyre Highway on day 14.

10:54 - "12 miles done. I've had a 15 minute #tacticalsnooze already. Very sleepy.  Lack of energy today is typical of when I had nothing to eat the night before. Zzzzz"

Unfortunately this is where the mobile phone signal ended.  This was not unexpected by any means, just disappointing for Mark being unable to share more of the journey.  I received an update from Mark later in the day to confirm that mileage completed: "33.75 Miles Done. Lost the will and the mental battle." Hopefully you've been able to build a picture of the climate and surroundings over the last 14 days, imagine the toll that this is taking on Mark both physically and mentally.  There has been limited variation in scenery but the little that he can take from it is very worthwhile: "Good banter and camaraderie with the #roadtrain drivers this morning. #eyrehighway". 

I managed to have a brief, but very broken, conversation with Mark once he had finished running for the day.  The signal was incredibly poor but at least there is some feasibility to establish contact.  Mark wasn't too interested in my questions of concern only whether or not the donations had been coming through and his worry that he is now 31 miles behind schedule. For the record, he's fine.  Very tired and drained, the fierce heat and flies are a daily struggle but he's doing the very best that he can to get through this.  The temperates are forecast to remain in the mid 30's but hopefully with a bit more cloud cover and the small potential of rain.  The plan is for Mark to try and start a little earlier in the mornings which will hopefully allow him to make some good progress whilst it's a little cooler (although overnight temperatures are still around 14 degrees Celsius).  Mark has 9 more days of running until the next scheduled rest day.

So, for the next few days (possibly longer) there will be very little to update you with on here and the other channels of social media.  I'll update any communications that I receive and will publish the route so at least you can get a feel for the progress that is being made each day.

In the meantime, please continue to send Mark your messages of support. Although he can't read them right now they will all be ready and waiting for the moment the signal returns.  These messages really do mean a great deal to Mark.  When he's alone on the road for up to 15 hours a day these messages really do help to lift his spirits.  Please do what you can to spread the word, encourage the donations and help Mark to reach his goal of raising £50,000 for his two charities.

If you haven't already donated, please click here.

Mark is scheduled to be on the Gary and Lisa Real Radio Breakfast Show tomorrow morning, so make sure you tune in.