Monday, 28 October 2013

Day 13

A nice early start to day 13, for me! While Mark was taking in the lovely scenery of Lake Cowan, pics to follow below, I was on a call at 05:30 with Connexion2 who were checking that Mark was ok.  The emergency alarm had been triggered!  Fortunately, again, this was a false alarm and I was able to establish immediate contact with Mark to confirm this.  Absolutely no issues and a very thorough service from the team.  

The plan for day 13: "Time to drive to the start point. With a lot of luck and effort today I'll run through Norseman and get a good few miles on the Eyre Highway."

Conscious of the fact that mobile phone reception is very likely to reduce in service over the next few weeks, Mark has shared as much of his surroundings as possible before this option is no longer available.  If I am able to establish contact with Mark during this time then I will try and relay as much of the journey as I can.

In the meantime,

06:14 - "A cold start"

06:15 - "The view to my right."

06:15 - "The view to my left."

"Bit of Jive Bunny on Now 15 while I run past a dead Emu. I don't think I've had a more random start to a week?"

08:14 - "Shire of Dundas"

12:37 - "Day 13. It's taken 2 hours to get to this bend. 18 miles done."

13:03 - Lake Cowan

16:23 - "10k to Norseman and my left hand turn onto the 1000 mile long road."

17:28 - "It's taken 460 miles to get to #norseman in 13 days. #rgrdownunder"

17:30 - "Looking back"

17:42 - "Home for the next 932 miles. #eyrehighway #norseman"

A few more wildlife warning signs along today's route too:

20:01 - "39.5 done. That's it for day 13. Time to get back to #norseman for a last shower for a while in the RV park. Feet are on fire."

22:07 - "90 minutes to get through all off the treatment and massage by @JasonStobbs. My feet are in a lot of pain. I could almost cry."

Day 13's mileage takes the grand total to 467 in 13 days (467.67 if you add all of the extra point-something miles - they all mount up!).  Mark continues to receive treatment to his feet from Jason, an extra visit to the chemist was made today to ensure that they have plenty of supplies for the road ahead.

Although physically absent from the support team, Melanie and John have continued to amuse Mark today with these little snippets:

@hawayDobbyman: "#rgrdownunder  Things just arent the same anymore..."

Day 14 is almost about to start.  This is what Mark will be faced with over the next few weeks:

"Home for the next 932 miles. #eyrehighway"