Saturday, 12 October 2013

4 days to go

There are only 4 days to go before I start running across Australia. I'm currently working my way through the final items on the to do list. Yesterday saw me buy some important supplies in Perth. Items such as mosquito spray, mosquito head netting for use while I'm running, water purification tablets and an Aussie SIM card for my phone were bought. I'm also close to getting a good deal on a satellite phone. I hope to hear more on Monday about that. This has always been considered a luxury item on this trip but will allow me to talk to Gary and Lisa on Real Radio when I'm out of range of a conventional mobile phone signal. 

Yesterday saw the initial test of the Identicom tracking device supplied by my sponsor Connexion2. The device is going to be used by Connexion2 and also Donna back in the UK to track my progress and monitor the status updates and optional voice memos I can leave using the device. The device gives my precise location and I took the decision a while back to keep this information private. It also allows me to raise a "red alert" with the UK call centre. Once that button is pressed the call centre can listen in to my surroundings using the device's microphone. A runner crossing Australia is a most unusual application for Identicom. The kind of people that generally use it are lone workers or those in vulnerable jobs. It's great to have this peace of mind and I'm pleased to report that the test of Identicom was successful here in Perth.

I managed to go for my first run this morning along the banks of the Swan River. There were lots of cyclists using the river side path and I was lucky enough to see some Black Swans.        

The run passed without incident and everything seems to still be in full working order. That's just as well as I start the run across Australia in 4 days time!

Finally, thanks for the kind donations today. The charity fund for the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation and The Children's Foundation breached the £15,000 mark.