Monday, 11 June 2007

We can rebuild him!

"Steve Austin, astronaut. A man barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster."

That about sums up how I feel after hopefully putting last week's injury behind me. I went for a steady 6 mile run around my favourite Town Moor route today with no ill effects. What a relief to be running pain free again. I must admit I didn't expect to be running again so soon.

I know I've said it in the past but I'm going to have to be very careful when I'm running. 8 - 9 minute miles are out of the question for now. My final weeks of training will be at a very sensible 10 minute mile pace. There will be no more PBs for a while and a good stretch after my runs will become part and parcel of the routine. I have 3 full weeks of training left where I'll be winding things down a bit. I'll be doing lots of shorter runs and a few more sessions in the gym.

As I said last week, I'm ready for the big run. It's just a case of keeping myself ticking over between now and July 7th.

"Mark Allison will be better than he was before. Better, stronger, but quite sensibly, not faster."