Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Route plan finalised!!

It's taken the last 7 days to finalise the route for the big run. To say this was a painstaking exercise is very much an understatement. Especially so, as I've planned it on 2 different bits of software to ensure accuracy and add a degree of reconciliation into the whole process.

The total mileage for the route is 868 miles, giving an average daily run of 24.1 miles!

I've also been able to get a couple of £15 Travelodge rooms and a £1.99 flight from Bristol to Newcastle for Katy and Jack (at the end of their second support stint) ensuring that the costs are kept to the bare minimum.

The only thing left to book now is a few nights camping and there is a little matter of buying a tent! Otherwise, all accommodation and travel for the road side support crew is booked. With just over 2 weeks until the run starts, things are starting to fall into place nicely.