Sunday, 3 June 2007

Precautionary measures taken 6 miles into a 16 mile run!

Today's planned 16 mile run saw me set off late in the morning in 20.5 degree heat. I remember adapting to the heat quite well last year and today was no exception. It was a nice change from last week when I had 3 layers on and a woolly hat.

Everything was going well with the first 2 miles in 19 minutes. Looking to maintain my good time, I arrived at a steep uphill section and attacked it hard. It was at this point that I felt some mild pain in my right hamstring. The pain worsened by the 6 mile point and I decided there and then that I'd better call it a day. This is the approach I've taken twice in the last 5 months. As soon as I've felt any pain I've stopped.

Let's hope that once again I prove to be a quick healer. I'll either be at the gym tomorrow our around Newcastle Race Course (not literally) depending on how my leg feels.