Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Lots of pain hopefully leading to some gain!

With my right leg still quite sore, I decided to have a sports massage at the gym today. I've heard that they can be quite painful but needs must.

Once the masseur found the problem spot the next 15 minutes were spent by him digging his elbows into my hamstring in an attempt to make a grown man cry! I'm sure there was a scientific reason too! I was told prior to the session that I might learn some new swear words but I managed to restrain myself.

At the time of writing this entry in my blog my leg feels very sore. I'm not sure whether this is pain associated with the injury or as a result of today's torture session. I guess I'll have a better idea tomorrow.

Until I can run again, the plan is to hit the gym with some weights, low impact cardio and plenty of stretching.

On the positive side, not being able to run is giving me more time to finish off planning the logistics of the run. I'll be checking the route once again and booking the few remaining campsites over the next few days. There's also that small matter of raising the final amount of sponsorship. The fund total currently stands at £3226. Almost there!