Saturday, 9 June 2007

Blaydon Race in the balance!

I've tried a gentle jog up the street this morning with some slight soreness. The decision to do today's Blaydon Race will be made as late as possible this afternoon.

Anyway, enough of that trivia. The Borat Bikini turned up this morning complete with hair, tash and sun glasses. While taking the photo to the right, Katy, Jack and I were in fits of giggles with proper tears and everything. I think I look like a scouser more then Borat! I'm sure it will be a different look once the bikini is on. There's no way I'm putting it on until the required level of sponsor money is achieved.

I've done my bit. If Paul Jackson gets £300 sponsorship and my leg is fit enough then I face the most embarrassing hour of my life.

If Jacko doesn't come up with the required amount then at least he has a month before my big run starts to do so. Imagine the looks I'd get in that thing running down the A9 in the Scottish Highlands!