Thursday 28 June 2007

Sponsorship landmark!

I've had some brilliant sponsors this week (they are all brilliant by the way no matter what the week!) and the fund has reached 75% of my target. Thanks to Aunty Ada, Uncle Brian, Chris & Kev and Mandy for boosting the fund which now stands at £3734.

There are still many avenues to pursue and I feel sure that the magic £5000 will be reached.

Are there any rich individuals or companies out there? Still up for grabs is individual sponsorship for my "FANCY DRESS" days. See the full tariff further down the right hand side of the page for details. A few Batman days have gone. I'm half glad that I haven't sold the "Borat bikini" day (£300) or the "naked 1.5 miles over the Forth Road Bridge" (£500). There's still time mind!