Saturday 2 June 2007

5 rest days and I'm ready to go.

I've decided to let my body recharge and repair following the two 22 mile runs earlier in the week. It looks like it's paid off as I feel in tip top condition and ready for tomorrow morning's 16 miles in the Pennines. The blisters on my feet have healed well. I stopped aching at about Thursday tea time. Those 2 miles really took a lot out of me but at the same time gave me a confidence boost to take into the final 4 weeks of training.

The fact that I'm hardly batting an eyelid at the prospect of this hilly run is testament to my training so far. Confidence is very high so I'll be looking to break 03:05:00 hours. Secretly, I'm looking to break 03:00:00 hours but it won't be a disaster if I don't.

Next week's runs will include the Blaydon Race where I'll be looking for a PB. I finished the run in 00:59:50 last year. I reckon a sub 00:55:00 could be on the cards this time.

The final 4 weeks of my training will see me doing the usual 5 - 8.5 miles during the week together with some intense gym sessions. I'll be varying my remaining weekend runs though with some quicker flatter sessions. I feel ready for the run now. Any remaining training is a bonus.