Friday, 27 May 2011

Day 27 - Lunch break

After 14 miles of running in the heat of Emery County, Utah, it's time for some of Chef Stephen's special chicken and rice. Which is superb by the way.

I've just ran through the town of Emery which according to Wikipedia "sits at the base of the mountains that contain the North Horn Formation. Named after North Horn Mountain, near Castle Dale, Utah this formation in Emery County contain numerous Cretaceous-Tertiary Era fossil invertebrates, microfossils and palynomorphs. Flagstaff Peak, north of Emery, has abundant dinosaur bone material and pre-historic mammal remains and petrified dinosaur footprints.". As soon as I see a Dinosaur you'll be the first to know!

As I type this, I'm only 2 miles away from the 800 mile point. The last 9 miles have been very fast so I'm able to do a bit more blogging and catch up on the mountain of emails that I have sitting in my inbox.

I'll close this break by saying a massive thank you for all of the donations made overnight. My overnight that is! The generosity of people really never ceases to amaze me. Thank you all.