Saturday, 14 May 2011

Day 13 - Done

Today was a strange one. Firstly, an 11:30 start following a lie in lost valuable running time. However, I really think that the relaxing time both me and the Support Team had at the hotel will pay dividends over the next few days. Not so much for them as Publisher Stu has now left (last seen walking in the direction of the chapel below) and Driver Richard leaves tomorrow. But for me it was exactly what I needed at this stage of the run. Just knowing that there are complete strangers out there who are willing to help really does wonders for my morale. I need all the help I can get on this front what with being away from Katy and Jack for so long.

I found out that Jack is in with a chance of playing Bugsy Malone or Fat Sam in his school's production of Bugsy Malone. I won't be there to see it, sadly as I'll still be running across the USA. It's times like this when you realise what a sacrifice this entire run is. I'm still speaking to Katy and Jack on a daily basis and that is helping morale too. We might get a Skype call on Saturday afternoon during the break where I wait for the new Support Team to arrive.

Back to today and the start of the route was as crowded a section as I've done so far. I tried hard to make my way through the crowds on the Vegas strip as quick as I could. It was a slog! Looking at the impressive hotels made the time pass by so much quicker.

I met Driver Richard at the RV after I stopped running for the day at the 21.5 mile point. He'd parked up at a race track to watch a Nascar practise event. He'd also just finished the "Big Shop" at Wal-Mart. He cooked a smashing chicken, tomato and wholewheat pasta dish for tea. What a guy! Driver Richard has done a superb job during his 14 days on the team. He'll be missed. I've had him run ragged some nights with my demands of fetching, carrying and lancing my blisters.

Tomorrow sees Driver John, Driver Stephen and Wee Kirsty the Sports Therapist join the Support Team. It's getting very much like Big Brother!

And finally an impassioned plea for your hard earn pounds. Please consider sponsoring my coast to coast run across the USA. St Benedict's Hospice (Charity No. 1019410) and The Children's Foundation (Charity No. 1000013) desperately need your help to continue helping terminally ill people and Children. Even if it's the price of a pint or a coffee it would be amazing to receive your donation. If you can help then please use one of the following links to They can be used to make a secure donation by credit/debit card or by Paypal. By using, your donation goes straight to the charities. Many thanks.

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