Friday, 13 May 2011

Day 12 - Bright light city….

After a very slow and tired start I've managed to run 14.5 miles in hot conditions before noon. I got to speak to Katy and Jack at the 8 mile point. That combined with "Elvis Live In Vegas" on repeat on my iPod and the last 7 miles have been much quicker.

There have been a few stretches of road where I've thought "I'll be able to see Vegas over the next ridge". All that I've been left with is the same thought time and time again.

Today's scheduled finish time is 4pm. It is at this point that the Support Team and me get to check into a Swanky hotel donated courtesy of Diamond Resorts International. Sadly, there'll be no time for sightseeing as I must try to get a long unbroken decent night's sleep.

I've also just found out that Diamond Resorts International have arranged for me to have a massage tonight. Fantastic! I'll post an update on this blog with how it all went. Or should it be a case of "What happens in Vegas……".