Monday, 9 May 2011

Day 8 - Complete

Apart from a very hot 2 hours today the weather was very kind to me. Oh and apart from a very strong headwind for the last 6 miles. There was further descent into the Mojave Desert during the first 2 sessions of the day. Inevitably, there was a 1000 ft climb out of the other side.

There were a lot of quirky things alongside Route 66 near Amboy. Piles of stones spelling various phrases and names and a "graveyard" for old shoes amongst the highlights.

I ran a total of 31.5 miles today. It would have been more but for that headwind. It was as strength sapping as the high temperatures have been lately. 

My blisters are quite sore but not getting any worse. My legs are aching a little too. I only have to run for another 5 days before "Wee Kirsty" the sports therapist joins the Support Team. Just in the nick of time I reckon.

Thanks to everyone for the message of support. From what I can tell my blog seems to be quite a hit. It will only get better as I have more time to write it as the running becomes quicker. I am also working on a book while I'm out here with Publisher Stu. There is so much to do as well as running that the day's are very full.

Finally, if you would like to sponsor my coast to coast effort across the USA then please use one of the following links:

(St Benedict's Hospice)

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