Saturday, 28 May 2011

Day 27 - Another 32 miles done

Over the previous 2 days I have bisected the Wassatch Plateau in Utah. It was a stretch of the run like no other encountered so far.  I am now running northwards up the east side of that particular mountain range. It is a thing of immense beauty and has to be seen to be believed.

Nutrition today was spot on and Chef Stephen cooked 3 superb dishes. The final one being a salad which the Support Team and myself thoroughly enjoyed. The meals were carefully prepared following a debate between me and the Support Team. Basically, I have had enough of pasta (for now) and feel very bloated after eating bread. That has now been put right.

Today was the quickest 32 miles I've ran so far. It took me 07:26:23. It's a far cry from day 1 when it took me 09:18:10 to run the same distance. That was with fresh legs too. Although I was 2 stone heavier!

It was an absolute pleasure to run in yet more amazing scenery today. Utah is definitely my favourite state so far in the USA.