Saturday, 14 May 2011

Day 14 - Complete

Today sees a change of Support Team. Out goes Driver Richard (Scholfield) and in comes Driver Jon (Cockerill), Driver Stephen (Cook) and Wee Kirsty (Reid). With that in mind, I had a target of 15 miles to run before noon today. As the clock struck 12 some 25 miles north of Las Vegas I completed my 15th mile of the day. I've got this running off to a fine art now!

It was a scorching start to the day and the 700 ft steady climb made things quite a challenge early on. I got stopped by the local Police after just 3 miles. They just asked if the white Mustang ahead was mine. I assume that they meant a car rather than a runaway horse. Either way the answer was no. I had a little chat with the Police Officer about my journey across the USA. Just like all the other Americans I've spoken to about it, he was full of praise and admiration.

I took time out to look back at Las Vegas before it disappeared out of view. Vegas is one of many places during this run that I won't have time to have a good look around.

At the 10 mile point, a cyclist who I'd seen earlier passed me again. This time we had a spontaneous high five and he said "Keep it going buddy". Only in America would you get a high five out in the Desert. Great stuff.

I've now got an afternoon of putting my feet up in the boiling hot RV while waiting for the Support Team to arrive at the secret meeting place. There are 2 things you should know about the secret meeting place!