Sunday, 8 May 2011

Day 8 - Good progress being made

It's just gone 10 am and I've managed to run 10 miles so far in much cooler conditions. It looks like I'm close to the floor of the Mojave Desert on my part of the route which means I've enjoyed a nice downhill stretch too.

I've seen 3 cars so far this morning and about 10 cargo trains which have been slowly climbing up the valley. When I started running this morning it was quite sunny. I could see a huge wall of cloud in the distance. That wall of cloud has overtaken me now and I can see the edges of it in the distance to the east.

If today continues to go well then the Support Team and I are going to have a treat tonight. We will be watching a movie in the RV. Get in there! That's something to look forward to. I also have a Skype call to Katy and Jack look forward to at lunchtime.